Simply Style Stacked Squares Quilt

My name is Erica and I blog over at Kitchen Table Quilting. I am so excited to share this quilt with you. Working with the gorgeous colors of this collection was so much fun and I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

2 Simply Style Jelly Rolls
1 Simply Style Layer Cake
1 yard Moda Bella White
4.25 yards solid for backing
2/3 yard print or solid for binding
batting that is at least 74″x82″

Cut your white solid into 12 strips that are 2.5″xWOF.

Pair up the strips from each jelly roll so that there the matching strips are together.

You will be using 23 of the 10″ squares from the layer cake and all of the jelly roll strips.  Take the 23 squares and match them with 2 pair of jelly roll strips (and the white solid strips) just like in the photo below.

One pair of strips will be used for the inner square (the purple fabric here) and one for the outer (the gray fabric.  
Cut the inner square fabric into 2 strips that are 2.5″x10″ and 2 strips that are 2.5″x14″.  Cut the outer square fabric into 2 strips that are 2.5″x14″ and 2 strips that are 2.5″x18″.  There are 8 total strips in the photo below, the strips that are the same size and color are stacked.  
Sew the 2.5″x10″ strips onto opposite sides of the layer cake and press the seams open.
Sew the 2.5″x14″ strips onto the remaining sides and press.
Repeat this process with the fabric for the outer squares.  
Use your ruler to cut the square in half. 
And then in half again so that you have 4 identical 9″ squares.
Use your design wall (or living room floor) to lay out the blocks so that there are 8 columns and 9 rows.  Leave some blocks intact so that all 4 are placed together, and then arrange the other blocks around them to give the illusion that they are stacked. 
Be careful that the way you arranging your blocks makes sense.  I made a mistake in my quilt top that I didn’t notice until I had finished binding the quilt.  Here is how my layout should have looked.
There will be some orphan blocks leftover. Arrange them into two random rows and piece them into the backing fabric.
Baste, bind, and quilt as desired. 

This finishes up as a good sized lap quilt.  Finished size: 68″x76″.

Erica Jackman

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