Scallop Bunting Cot Quilt

Hi guys!  I’m so pleased to be back here with another project!  I loooooved putting this quilt together. Super quick and easy, perfect for a beginner quilter such as myself.  I have an obsession with scallop bunting at the moment, and have been making quite a bit of it for my own home and those of friends and family.  This quilt combines that love, with my need to make some baby gifts for friends who are expecting babies.  I can see myself making quite a few more of these, so sweet and soft…

4 x fat quarters in the fabric of your choice
2 yards white (or light) fabric for your background
2 yards white fabric for your backing
1 yard white fabric for binding
2 yards batting
Fabric glue

1. To begin with you will need to cut out your scallops.  My scallops measure 5″ wide and 5″ long, including the seam allowance.  To get perfectly rounded edges, I used an appropriately sized dining plate as a guide.
2. Cut your first piece of white fabric into five strips measuring 10″ (which includes 2 x 1/4″ seam allowances) by 30″, and one strip of 5″ by 30″.
3.  Attach four scallops to each strip, using fabric glue (alternatively, attach scallops to interfacing and skip this step – pinning them to the strips instead).  Make sure each scallop sits right up against the top edge of the strip and snug against each other – but not overlapping. You will want to make sure that you have rotated the colours for each one (though a random mix would also look lovely).  You will need to leave approximately  5″ on each end of the strip, which will be covered with binding.
4. For those of you with fancy machines (or anything made in the last few decades ;-)) you will now applique your scallops using a tight & wide zigzag stitch, or whatever your fancy machine does.  For me and my antique machine (which has no zigzag option – I make do), I did two single seams about a 1/4″ apart, with one as close to the edge of each scallop as I could safely get.  There will still be some fraying (for me), but the fabric glue will help keep that to a minimum.  
5.  Next place two strips (ensuring you have them in the right order) right side to right side, with the top piece facing upside down.  See image below for clarification.

Attach the two strips using a 1/4″ seam allowance, and then repeat with each of the rest of the strips.
6. Take the 5″ by 30″ strip and attach it to the top of your quilt top (see image of final quilt).
7. Sandwhich, pin or baste, and then quilt your… erm… quilt!
8. Attach binding, and you’re done!

Like I said, this is a super easy quilt to make, and would be a perfect wee quilt to gift to an expectant mom (or just keep for yourself – something I was tempted to do!).  I think you could have a lot of fun playing with the colour scheme and pattern.  I’m eager to have another go with some different fabric and see what I can come up with!

Stella Rutherford

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