QuiltCon 2013

QuiltCon, the inaugural modern quilting show, took place in Austin this past weekend. Moda Fabrics and the Moda Bake Shop had a booth, and it was wonderful to meet so many Bake Shop readers in person. If you took photos in our photo booth, we’d love to see them! Add them to our Flickr group.

If you are looking for a pattern for one of the quilts on display in the booth, here is the full list with links:

Pippa Armbrester | Pixelated Patchwork 

 Cindy Sharp | Nough Said Layer Cake Quilt

 Natalia Bonner | Skittles Quilt 

 Jessica Kelly | Simply Woven Quilt 

 Elizabeth Dackson | Modern Halves

 Erica Jackman | Cozy Posy Triangle Quilt 

 Tammie Schaffer | Charm Crossing Quilt 

 Amanda Castor | Pezzy Lattice Quilt 

 Ali Winston | Charming Plaid Quilt 

Lissa Alexander | Honeycomb Quilt

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