Sweet Celebrations Blog Hop

Why, hello there! I’m Oda May. Today is my turn for the Sweet Celebrations blog hop and it’s the LAST day of the hop. Thanks for coming to visit. Click on through for my recipe and a tale {tail?} of true friendship and horses’ rears.

The Moda Bake Shop is a special place and it’s at the very heart of the new Sweet Celebrations book. The book is about holidays and celebrations and there is truly no better way to celebrate a person or occasion than to create something handmade. I know you will all be inspired by the wonderful projects our talented Chefs have shared.

I asked all of the Chefs on the blog hop to answer some questions so we could all learn a bit more about them. I am going to answer a few of the questions, too, and I’ve picked the silliest ones. Because that is just the kinda gal I am. Β 

Do you prefer a corner piece or a center piece when eating cake? Or do you not like to discriminate?
Cake is one of life’s greatest culinary pleasures, and I would never miss an opportunity to indulge. My only requirement for eating cake is that there is enough for seconds and a tall glass of milk to wash it down. Β 

Are rotary cutter blades reversible?
Now isn’t that a silly question? It came up once among my friends on retreat {a girl doesn’t quilt and tell so no names will be mentioned here!} when I spotted a rotary blade marked “dull side – do not turn over” or some such thing. I stared and stared at it so long that I began to wonder if maybe there was something I had been missing all these years. What do you think, dear readers? πŸ˜‰

Β If you and your dearest friend were going to dress as a horse, would you be the rear end so she could be the front? Tell us how you became friends.

This question came from my own childhood. When I was growing up, my nearest and dearest friend was a girl who lived down the road. Her name was Ella Rae. Yes, you read that right. Oda May and Ella Rae. The two of us were quite the pair. We met in kindergarten and we were inseparable. We dressed alike, talked alike. We loved all of the same things and we both came from a long line of quilters. One year, Ella Rae and I decided to be a horse for Halloween. We were going to a fair and the boy she liked was going to be there. Ella Rae could not bear the idea of being a horse’s rear in front of her Prince Charming so I took the hindquarters. I must say, being a horse’s rear can certainly give you some perspective on things.

I hope you have visited all of the blogs on the hop and picked up all of the recipe cards. There are some very tasty treats. My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is below. The dough freezes very well. I always make a double batch and I make these cookies more than I should admit. The yield is directly linked to the amount of self-control that you have. I tend to end up with far fewer cookies than the recipe should provide but baking and quilting are both calorie-burning endeavors so I have to stay in top form to keep up.

Now for the details on the big giveaway: To enter to win a copy of Sweet Celebration with the Moda Bake Shop Chefs and a pre-cut chosen by me, leave a comment below. Tell me about your best friend. Deadline to enter is midnight {CST} on 10/14/12. The winner will be drawn at random from the comments section. *Note: Only entrants with U.S addresses are eligible to win the actual book. Winners with addresses outside the U.S. will win the e-book version.

{Be sure to click through the links to pick up all of the recipes and comment to enter the giveaways.}

October 1 – StashBooks and Moda Cutting Table
October 2 – Melissa Mortenson and Melissa Corry
October 3 – Mary Lane Brown and Natalia Bonner
October 4 – Lissa Alexander and Corey Yoder
October 5 – Jane Davidson and Angela Yosten
October 6 – Jo & Kelli Kramer and Stefanie Roman
October 7 – Sherri McConnell and Megan Jimenz & Heather Andrus
October 8 – Angela Mitchell and Ellie Roberts
October 9 – Katie Blakesley and Aneela Hoey
October 10 – Amy Smart and Angela Pingel
October 11 – Vanessa Christenson and April Rosenthal
October 12 – Moda Bake Shop

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