Q&A with Oda May: MBS 411 & Stash Management

Join Oda May today as she answers reader questions! 

Dear Oda May,

I’m new to the Moda Bake Shop, and I’m a bit confused. Are you a store? What are you baking?

Flummoxed in Fort Worth

Dear Flummoxed,

Welcome! The Moda Bake Shop is a division of Moda Fabrics, a multi-line fabric distributor selling to the trade. Imagine that your local quilt shop is a car dealership. Moda made the cars and the Moda Bake Shop is where you go to find out how to soup up your engine. The Moda Bake Shop is not a shop, but a place to come for tutorials that will help you make the most of your Moda pre-cuts – jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs, fat quarter and fat eight bundles, etc. (to see all of the different pre-cut varieties, take a look at our {Bakery} page). We named it the Bake Shop because our pre-cuts are little packages of sweet & yummy fabric goodness.

With Fabric Love,

Dear Oda May,

Like most quilters, I have become obsessed with fabric. I have so much that I don’t even know where to start when I finally make time to sew. I need some inspiration for getting my sewing space in shape. Any ideas?

Floundering in Fabric in Phoenix

Dear Floundering,

A tidy stash is the sign of an uncommitted quilter, my dear, so welcome to the club! However, I do sympathize with your plight. It can be daunting to work on a project when your space is a mess. Start to tidy it up by grouping like cuts of fabric: one yard pieces in one spot (fold them all the same way), half yards in another, and so on. Be sure to save a spot on a shelf for your Moda pre-cuts. I find them very inspiring to look at while I sew. I sometimes even take a jelly roll or two off the shelf just to run my fingertips along the perfectly pinked edges. Very inspiring indeed.

If you need more inspiration, check out our mini studio tours from some of the Moda Bake Shop Chefs:

Jo’s Country Junction Studio Tour
Patchwork Posse Studio Tour
Vintage Modern Quilts Studio Tour
Aunt Polly’s Porch Studio Tour
Happy Quilting Studio Tour
Cut to Pieces Studio Tour

Readers, do you have clever stash management tips? Let me know! Email me at modabakeshop{at}unitednotions{dot}com.

With a Well-Managed Stash,

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