Today’s Tip: Cutting Mat De-Fuzz

Today’s tip comes from Jennifer Overstreet of {}.

All quilters know that cutting mats wear down like a well-loved pair of shoes. Jennifer has a neat tip to remove some of the fabric fuzz that gets stuck in the well-worn grooves.

Jennifer says:

  1. Got Fabric fuzz stuck in your cutting mat from excessive rotary cutting in the same spot? 
  2. Grab a pink eraser to make it all go away! I happen to have an extremely large one from our Dollar Store.
  3. Take your pink eraser and rub it over the fabric fuzz to lift the fuzz out of your mat.
  4. Dust away the eraser residue and the loosen fabric fuzz
  5. No more fabric fuzz left behind from excessive rotary cutting.

 Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! Would you like to share your favorite sewing tip? Send us an email.

Happy sewing!

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