Neighborhood Charm Quilt

Hi, I’m Debbie from Esch House Quilts and I’m thrilled to be sharing my recipe for Neighborhood Charm on Moda Bake Shop!  House quilts and quilts with limited color palettes always speak to me, so when I saw the new Mama Said Sew line by Sweetwater, I knew it was a perfect fit for the little house quilt I had in mind.  I hope you enjoy making Neighborhood Charm for your neighborhood!

One charm pack of Mama Said Sew
1¼ yards background fabric
yard binding fabric
44 x 45 backing fabric
44 x 45 batting

1. From the background fabric, cut:

  •  2  5″ strips – subcut these to 11 5″ squares and 4 2¾” squares.
  •  5  2¾” strips – subcut these to 70 2¾” squares.
  •  9  2″ strips for sashing and borders – subcut 7 of these to 36½” and 2 to 38″.

2. From the binding fabric, cut 4  2½” strips.


1. Choose 37 charms from the charm pack. (I eliminated charms that blended too much with the background fabric). Set the rest aside for another project or the back.

2. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the 2¾” background squares.

Figure 1

3. Align the upper left corner of a charm square and the 2¾” background square right sides together. The diagonal line should go from lower left to upper right. (Figure 1)

4. Sew on the drawn line. 

Figure 2
5.  Trim away the charm and background triangles outside the stitching line. (Figure 2)  Press the triangle open toward the outer edges of the charm square.  

Figure 3
6. Repeat this process for the upper right corner with the diagonal line running from upper left to lower right. (Figure 3)
Figure 4
7. Make 37 houses. (Figure 4) 


Figure 5

1. Lay out your charm houses in rows according to the diagram, adding in the 5″ background squares as “parks” or “vacant lots”. (Figure 5) [Note: When I lay out the houses I first do it randomly and then go back and adjust. If all the black houses end up in the same corner or there are three of the same prints very close together, I’ll move blocks around to fix this, but I try not to obsess over it :)]
2. Sew the rows together.
3. Sew a sashing strip to the bottom of each house row.
4. Sew a sashing strip to the top of the first house row.
5. Sew a sashing/border strip to each side of the quilt top.

1. Press the quilt top.
2. Layer with the backing and batting.
3. Quilt as desired. My version of Neighborhood Charm is quilted in the ditch and with doors and front walks.  I added some “garden inspired” quilting in the “parks”.
4. Bind with the binding strips.

One Neighborhood Charm quilt 37½” x 39″

Debbie Grifka
{Esch House Quilts}


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