What a month of creative and inspiring projects from all our contestants! This has been such a joy to see what creations these four people were able to come up with from a random selection of mystery items.  On our last week we had two competitors left and they had to come up with a project using a zipper, grommets/eyelets and fabric from a layer cake. Here is what our judges had to say…



Moda Sliced Finals – “Owl Tag Along” Toddler Backpack by Twee ✁cut to pieces

Love this backpack for Toddlers! It is adorable, functional and unique.  I especially love that she incorporated all the required basket items in one creative project.  I also like how she mixed fabrics from various Moda collections instead of using from all one. Great use of items and beautiful construction.
It’s precious, well made, unique, and so much fun! The details are great and I will definitely be making one of these.
Using Insul-Bright for the batting is a unique idea and lets the backpack double as a lunch bag. Laminate on the inside with limited pockets great for clean up. Making the side pockets out of mesh was a good way to limit the weight – important in a bag designed for small toddlers. The overall style of the bag was traditional and similar to what you’d find in-store for a school backpack. This is probably good for a toddler, as little-ones are always on the lookout for something “just like the big kids.” The addition of the big owl face was a nice way to add some innovation. We were particularly impressed by the side pocket construction. The mesh was very nicely bound on top with the cotton band and fit perfectly against the side piping. The pleating at the bottom was very neat. And, the shoelace grommets with the small cording and cord stop were all nice details and executed with precision.The use of Layer Cake squares was limited to the happy owl face. It would have been interesting to see some additional use of the pre-cuts within the overall design. The wide curved opening with the contrasting zipper and the adjustable straps – although expected on a child’s backpack, were certainly features that gave the project a professional finish.



Mum’s Day Tripper Bag, Compact Changing Bag, and Toy by lovefrombeth

This is wonderful! I love how this set goes together. It’s practical, pretty, and well made.
All three projects are super adorable.  The bonus projects are especially cute and functional and are an essential to a mommy’s day trip with a little fella.  The grommet was used on the inside of the bag as a holder for keys or the little toy fish. Which is functional, but would have loved to see them used on the outside of the bag.
A very innovative use of Layer Cake squares to create an interesting patchwork design on both the interior and exterior of the bag as well as on the coordinating changing pad. Super clever use of the remaining scraps as well as ribbon (and interesting “crunchy bits” on the insides) in the Sleepy Fish. The design doesn’t “scream” diaper bag – it has more of a tote-like shape, giving it life after baby as a stylish bag for Mom. The changing pad’s pleated side pockets are both clever and functional, and the entire pad folds up very nicely – without a lot of bulk.  The sewing detail is beautiful, from the perfect points of her patchwork to the top stitching detail on the changing pad… from the professional feet on the bottom (protecting the bag and keeping it stable) to the lovely dimensional handle. We were very impressed with the craftsmanship. Beth’s choice of pattern and color was excellent. This bag combo would work equally well for either a boy or a girl. We liked that the design selections were whimsical and fresh, but not too-babyish. As mentioned above, this extends the longevity of use. We could see this bag flying off the shelf at Anthropologie.
Angela Pingel from Cut to Pieces… CONGRATULATIONS!
Check back for more about our two contestants that competed in the final round and their projects to be posted on the Moda Bake Shop. 

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