SLICED – Week 1 Projects

This week we had the four contestants compete against one another in making a unique and original pincushion. The pincushions had to contain fabric from a jelly roll, a button, and ric rac.  Here are the submission from our four contestants…


Sliced pincushion by okiegirl97

I was inspired by a Native American cuff bracelet. The stone is appliqued from a Hello Luscious jelly roll. The adornments are Bella Silver on gray felt. The band & stone base are made from leather & elastic. The bezel is made from ric rac. The center of each flower has a tiny mother of pearl button.



Made from a button, ric rac, trim, and a jelly roll. The bracelet is made a jelly roll strip, as are the peas. I added ric rac at the top of the pod and a cute sparkly trim. Moda fabrics include mainly Hello Luscious and the peas also have some Lilly and Will and Good Fortune. Hope you like!


Lorelei – A Mermaid Pincushion by Twee ✁cut to pieces

My entry for the Moda Slice Competition : Pincushion Challenge.
She is made with a Bella White Jelly Roll strip for the head, body and arms. Her tail is from the line “peas and carrots” by Sandy Klop. She has rick trim at her waist for scales and rick rack throughout her hair. Her hair also contains various yarns. A red beaded necklace around her neck and two star buttons to hold everything just so. 😉

She is stuffed with a combination of Poly filling and crushed walnut shells, making her perfect for pins! Also her arms are made around pipe cleaners so they are bendable.

Platter Pin Cushion by lovefrombeth

The finished cushion reminds me of an oriental serving platter because of its delicious fabrics and separate sections for different goodies! I was tempted to photograph it with chop sticks!
I designed it to sit in that space ‘to the right of your machine’ that always ends up a mess of pins and sewing bits. To me ‘pins’ also means ‘clips’ as I use these just as much in the pinning process. Also I think my Prym magnetic pin cushion is one of the best sewing accessories I have! So I wanted to incorporate these things to make it useful and all things pinny!
The cushion uses 7 strips of ‘Good Fortune’ jelly roll by Kate Spain along with heavy fusible interfacing and some extra heavy weight interfacing to give structure to the compartments and sides. I promise it is easier to make than it looks as all the pattern pieces are prepared and interfacing added at the same time. It is predominantly hand sewn so a good project for a comfy seat and a coffee.
Although the compartments fit a Prym pin cushion you can of course use them for bobbins, reels, machine feet, anything that you want at hand when sewing. There is also a small needle case and strap for a seam ripper.

My sewing station is looking much tidier now!

Which one is your favorite?

Check back soon to find out who will be SLICED and who will continue on to Week 2!

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