Four Squared Quilt

four square cover

Hello, again from northern Virginia!  I’m Polly from Aunt Polly’s Porch, with a fun and fast quilt just in time to put out for spring! I used the bright and graphic “Half Moon Modern” collection from Moda!


one jelly roll
one charm pack
2 yards coordinating solid fabric
4 yards backing
1/2 yard for binding

From coordinating yardage, cut 19 strips 2 1/2” by width of fabric


Sub-cut 12 of those strips into 8 1/2” pieces (56 for quilt)


Sub-cut the remaining 7 strips into 4 1/2” pieces (56 for quilt)


Sort jelly roll strips into groups of 4 strips of different colors/values.


Sew the 4 strips together and press seams to one side or open, your choice!
Repeat this with all the groups of four strips.


Sub-cut each strip set into 2 1/2” pieces.


Mix up the pieces and sew 4 of these strips together to create a 16 patch block.
Repeat to make 28 of these 16 patch blocks.


Next, select 14 of the charm squares and trim them to 4  1/2” square.


Take the other charm squares and cut them in half.


Sort these 2  1/2” by 5” halves into pairs and sew them together on the long sides.
Don’t press the seams at this point!  Leave them closed!


Cut this unit in half.  Don’t press seams now, either!


Match up 2 of these half units mixing colors/values and sew together, making 28 four patches.


Make sure the seam allowances are flipped to different sides so that center seam lines up perfectly.
(This is why we didn’t press those seams earlier!)  Now we know which way to press those seams!!


Sew one 4  1/2” coordinating solid strip to opposite sides of the 4  1/2” charms squares,


and also to opposite sides of the four patches.  Press seams toward solid strips.


Next, sew one 8 1/2” strip to opposite sides of these units and press seams to solid strips.



Arrange blocks into 8 blocks across by 7 blocks down. 
Alternate 16 patch blocks by solid surround blocks.


Alternate the single center square blocks with the
four patch center blocks between the 16 patch blocks,
or place them completely randomly!


Sew the blocks together across each row, then sew the rows together.


Press the top well, then layer with your batting and backing!


Quilt as desired!  I free-motioned a simple meander all over!


From the binding fabric, cut six strips 2  1/2” by width of fabric.


Sew the strips together with your favorite method, then fold in half and press!


Sew the binding onto the front side of the quilt edges by machine,
then flip and sew down by hand.


Don’t forget the label!!  The quilt is all done!!

Now…what to do with the leftover blocks???

I have 12 leftover four patches and enough leftover white to
add the white surround to finish those blocks and 12 leftover
sixteen patch blocks!

You could make the above quilt larger if you wanted to,
but I decided to take eight of each block and using the
same alternating design,

make a long skinny quilt that can be used as a bed runner
or a table runner.  I had just enough of the backing green
and white print to put on the back of the runner, too.
And I used white scraps to bind it!

After that, I had 4 of each block left, so I again
used the same alternating design and sewed them
together make two 16″square  pillows.

I actually like the bed runner and pillows
using the back side, too!!

one luscious quilt,  65” by 57″

two 16″ square throw pillows

one 16″ by 80″ table or bed runner


Yogi and I can’t wait for you to come visit our blog!!  Smile

Polly Monica

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