Heartsy Pillow

Hi!  I’m Wendy from Sewing in the Wendy City, and I’m so glad to share my 5th Moda Bake Shop tutorial with you.  This is a quick project to decorate for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

1 charm pack of Pezzy Print
3/4 yard of any solid or print in the Pezzy line
14″ pillow form
14″ square of Wonder Under or Steam a Seam
2 18″ squares of batting
small amount of polyester fiberfil
neutral or invisible thread

Choose 9 of your charm squares to be the heart appliques.

Print out the heart template included in the Printer Friendly Version.  Be sure to print at 100%, no scaling.  Each side of the square should measure 5″ when printed.

Trace the heart shape onto the Wonder Under (paper side) 9 times and roughly cut out the hearts and iron them onto the wrong side of the charm squares you chose.  Make sure the rectangles of the Pezzy Print squares are all going the same direction for the hearts.
Cut the hearts out and set aside.

Choose 9 more charm squares, and iron one heart onto each.  Just for fun, I made sure the rectangles in the background fabric were going the opposite direction as the rectangles in the hearts.

Layout your squares into a pleasing design and sew the squares together into a 9-patch.

Layer the 9 patch, batting, and a scrap of fabric for the backing.  The scrap will not be visible when the pillow is finished.

Quilt the background and use a zig-zag stitch to go around the edges of the appliqued hearts but do not quilt inside the hearts.
Clip a small hole in the backing in the center of each heart.  Be careful to only cut through the backing layer and not the batting.

Take a small amount of stuffing and put it between the batting and the backing to make the heart puff out a bit.

Then hand stitch the opening closed.

Trim 1/4″ from the edge of the 9 patch.

Cut 2 pieces of the solid fabric to 10″ x 16.”  Hem one of the long sides of each piece by folding over twice 1/4″ and stitching.

Overlap the two backing pieces to create an envelope closure.   There will be some excess on the sides that will be trimmed later.

Pin the back in place and sew from the top 1/4″ from the edge all the way around.

Trim around the edge of the batting to remove the excess.

Making and attaching the binding:
Cut two 2.5″ wide strips of the red fabric.  Sew end-to-end, press seams open, then press in half lengthwise.  Attach binding to the back of the pillow.  Fold it over the edge to the front and topstitch near the edge of the binding to secure.

Insert your pillow form, and you’re done!

One cute and funky pillow, just in time to decorate for Valentine’s Day!

Wendy Poling

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