Etchings Quilt

Hi! I’m Andrea from Millions of Thoughts and I am so pleased to show off a beautiful line of fabric that I was able to work with in creating this quilt. There is no doubt that this colour combination and fabric is one of my new favourites. The Etchings by 3 Sisters line includes beautiful small and large florals, etching prints, and gorgeous French influences.
This quilt is easy to make, and if you are like me and need to fight over share a quilt with wee ones on movie night, then this quilt may be for you! A generous 72 x 84 size will fit a twin or double bed, or will be the perfect family snuggle quilt for very tall people like me!

2 Jelly Rolls – 3 Sisters Etchings (4060JR)

3/4 yard binding (4061-25)
6 yards backing (4061-26)

Separate jelly rolls into two piles, lights and darks.
From your strips choose:
  • 36 strips light/cream
  • 16 strips blue
  • 10 strips red
  • 10 strips grey

Cutting :
Small Blocks – cut each strip (lights and darks) following these measurements:
  • 2 – 2.5 x 4.5″
  • 2 – 2.5 x 8.5″
  • 1 – 2.5 x 12.5″

Keep cut strips organized by size and colour.

Foursome Block Sashing
  • 9 – 2.5 x 8.5″ dark strips from binding fabric (or any leftover dark strips)
  • 18 – 2.5 x 8.5″ light strips from backing fabric (or any leftover light strips)
Main Sashing between rows
  • 4 – 2.5″ x width of fabric of the backing fabric (light)
This quilt is comprised mainly of two similar blocks – a mirror reflection of each other.
The first block, block b looks like this:
(it looks a bit like a ‘b’ and the dark colour spirals out from the center in a clockwise path.)

The second block d, looks like this:
(looks a bit like a ‘d’ and the dark colour spirals out from the center in a counterclockwise path)

To assemble the quilt exactly as I have – you will need the following number of blocks per colour:
grey – make 6 ‘b‘ and 4 ‘d‘ blocks = 10 blocks grey
red – make 4 ‘b‘ and 6 ‘d‘ blocks = 10 blocks red
blue – make 8 ‘b‘ and 8 ‘d‘ blocks = 16 blocks blue
*All blocks are done slightly scrappy – mixing ‘like’ colours together. As you assemble the blocks, randomly choose light strips and dark (according to colour) strips.

*Pressing- always to the outside edge of the square
*Sewing – use 1/4″ seams

Instructions for making block b:
1. Sew a light 4.5″ strip to a dark 4.5″ strip.

2. Sew on a dark and light 4.5″ strip, following the placement diagram below:

3. Sew a light and dark 8.5″ strip, following the placement diagram below:

4. Sew a light and dark 8.5″ strip following the placement diagram below:

5. Sew a 12.5″ light and dark strip to complete the spiral b block, making it a 12.5″ block.

6. Completed block b:

Instructions for making block d:

Repeat the same steps as above for the mirror image block, called block d. The completed spiral looks like the letter d. To assemble block d, the colours go out from the center in a counterclockwise path. When starting step 1 for block d, the dark 4.5″ strip will be on the right side. Follow the diagram below as a guide:

Making the foursome blocks:

Pair up blocks b and d according to the colour combination you would like to make. You can choose an all over scrappy look – I chose a more distinct combination.
Sew b and d together to make a pair:
Arrange sewn pairs into a ‘foursome’ block, planning for the final quilt layout. Now we are ready to prepare the sashing for the foursome block.

Sew foursome block sashing together (two light 8.5″ strips and 1 dark 8.5″strip)
Attach sashing to the bottom pair of blocks:

Press towards sashing.

Attach matching pair to make the final foursome block. Press towards sashing.

Arrange your large foursome blocks to determine your final quilt layout. Sew blocks together to make three rows of large blocks.

Main Sashing:
Piece together 2.5″ x width of fabric strips and trim to to 2.5″ x 72.5″

Pin and sew sashing to rows, ensuring that seams between rows of blocks match.
Press towards sashing.
*optional – sew an additional sashing row to top and bottom of quilt, giving the appearance of a white frame around entire quilt
Attach batting and backing and quilt as desired. I spray basted this large size, and had no problems.

Cut and prepare binding for your quilt and sew according to your preferred method.

One large quilt 72″ x 82″ – this quilt could easily extend to a queen size bed quilt by adding outer borders.
Please stop by and say hello on my blog at Millions of Thoughts where you will find more photos, as well as a few details about other ways I envisioned, and re-visioned this quilt!

Andrea Harris
{Millions of Thoughts}

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