Baby Lattice Quilt

Hi, I’m Amy Smart and I like to share my quilting adventures at my blog Diary of a Quilter. I’m excited to share a tutorial for a sweet little baby quilt using a couple of Charm Packs and a contrasting sashing fabric.

2 Charm Packs (or 1 Charm Pack + a Fat Quarter)
1 yard sashing fabric (corrected)
1½ yards backing fabric
3/8 yard binding

Collect (50) 5″ squares from either 2 Charm Packs or a Charm Pack + (8) 5″ squares from a coordinating Fat Quarter or two.

From Binding Fabric cut:
(4) 2 ½” x wof (width of fabric) fabric strips (or 180″ of continuous bias binding)

From Sashing Fabric cut:
(2) 5″ x wof (width of fabric) strips
(1) 7 ½” x wof strip
(10) 1 ½” x wof strips

From one of the 5″ x wof strips, cut (2) 4 1/8” squares.  Cut each square once on the diagonal. You will have (4) corner-setting triangles.


From remaining 5″ strips cut (40) 1½” x 5″ pieces

Subcut 7½” strip into (5) 7½”squares. Cut squares twice – once on each diagonal to get (4) triangles per square, for a total of (20) triangles – reserve for side setting triangles.
Using the (50) 5″ squares, layout the squares on point starting with 5 squares across and 6 squares down (see photo below) until you get a design and balance of color that you like.
Start assembling rows diagonally with a side-setting triangle at the beginning and end of each row. Row 1 will have only (1) square between the side-setting triangles and a corner-setting triangle at the top. (See photo below for layout.) 
Rows 2-9 will have a 5″ x 1½” sashing strip between the squares. 
Sew a corner-setting triangle at the end of row 5 and at the beginning of row 6.
When sewing side-setting triangles to the ends of the squares, line up the 90 degree corner with the bottom corner of the square.  You will have the top tip of the triangle hang longer than the top corner of the square.
When sewing a corner-setting triangle to the end of a row, center the longest side of the triangle with both points hanging over the corners of the matched-up square. Sew right-sides together.
Take the (10) 1½” x wof sashing strips and trim or sew strips to a generous length to sew between the pieced rows.  Begin to assemble pieced rows with a sashing strip in between. Leave about 2″ of strip at the end of each row. 
In order to make sure the side-sashing strips match up when assembling the rows together, place the row with the long-sashing strip sewn to it on the bottom with the row to be attached right-sides together. Fold back the top row and make sure the side-sashing segments are lined up. Carefully fold the top row back so that they are right-sides together and pin the two rows together to hold them in the correct place for sewing.
After sewing rows together, press seams towards the sashing strips.
Carefully square-off the sides using a long ruler. Make sure to leave a  ¼” seam allowance at the corners of the charm squares.
Square-off corner-setting triangles using the quilt’s sides as your guide. Be careful to keep the corners square.
Quilt using your favorite method (or quilter.) My friend Meridee Palmer quilted this one for me.
Binding: Sew (4) binding strips together end to end.  I use this binding method for finishing this quilt.

One pretty 36″ x 48″ quilt for your favorite new baby. This quilt is for my brand new niece.

Since the Lily and Will II fabrics that I used may be more scarce now, may I suggest Anne Sutton’s newest collection, Puttin’ on the Ritz as the perfect substitute. There’s even the same gingham printed on the bias… perfect for the binding.

I hope you enjoy this fun little project – perfect for using all the sweet Charm Packs that are available right now.

Amy Smart
{Diary of a Quilter}

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