Retro Fun Book Cover

Hi I am Kim from My Go Go Life and I am thrilled to be here at the Bake Shop with a fun idea for boring book covers by just using some craft paper and some Moda Freebird charms. Easy peasy lemon squeezy :o) And your daughter will be happy too. 

Moda charm pack or Moda scrap pieces 
Brown paper grocery bag or craft paper
glue stick
White or off white thread
Hexagon template ( or if you want to do 1.5 inch circles I think that would work too)

Ric Rack

Start off with super cute fabrics. I have this charm pack that has the perfect colors.

All measurements are approximate in this project since not all books are the same size. 
For my book, it was about 18×31. That is one of the great things about paper, it is easily adjustable.

Fold down the top and fold up the bottom to where they are just covering the binding of the book.

Fold the ends over the front and back cover to make your pocket.

Now that the basic folding and size is decided, cut your fabrics. I used a hexagon template for mine but you can also use a circle and I think that would look just as lovely.

To cut the stem choose one charm and cut one side 1/2 inch.

From the other side of the same charm, cut out the leaf. It does not need to be perfect, just like in nature.

I tried both of these adhesives and the glue stick won hands down!

A little dab of glue on your fabric pieces to keep them in place…

Ta da!

Use a blanket stitch to connect the seams together in the middle first so that the petals will not shift when moving the paper around.

Then stitch around every other one with a wee bit of overlap but not much.

Starting around the petal to the right of the stem skipped, start at the corner and go around the petal then sew the stem. The leaf will be sewed after the stem.

Finish up the sewing around the other few petals you did not previously sew. When the applique is completed, slip the pockets over the front and back covers. I also added a bit of tape to the inside of the flaps where the paper met the paper to make it more secure. I may try sticky velcro next time.

The before…

The after…

One book cover.

I like this cover since it is personal, kinda old school  {where is my Holly Hobby doll?} and one of those instant gratification projects! It is also an inexpensive way to change the look for the different times of year. I am already planning one for the holidays. 

Kim Niedzwiecki

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