Scrappy Apple Bag

Scrappy Apple Bag
by Vickie Eapen

SpunSugarQuilt Designs
{1} charm pack, jelly roll, layer cake or scraps of Little Apples and Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey
… for this project you need {24} 2.5″ x 3/4″-1″ strips
1 Fat quarter background linen or linen colored bella solid
… sub-cut to {1} 9″ X 13″  rectangle and {2} 6 3/4″x 9″ rectangles for the lining
{1} 9″ coordinating zipper
pins or spray basting
thin batting at least 10″ x 15″
Cut the solid linen fat quarter to 9″x 13″.
Layer this on top of a 10″ X 15″ thin batting.
Next arrange your strips of fabric apples or pips.
I arranged them 4 rows of 6 strips.
I pin basted my pieces.
*note* this is NOT a quilt sandwich, but rather a top and batting.
Starting in the center and working to the outer edges, stitch 1/8″ around the edge of each strip.
Here’s a close up of the ‘quilted top’ stitching.
Trim the ‘quilt top’ to 9″ x 13″.
Next Add the Zipper and Lining
 take a 6 3/4″ x 9″ lining rectangle
and layer it with the ‘quilted top’ and zipper.
This is the most complicated step of making the bag.
Layer the 9″ side of  “quilted top” right side up, the zipper edge right side down
and the 9″ side of the lining right side down.
 Stitch all 3 layers together.
Be careful to stop before the zipper tab, close the zipper about 2 inches and then continue stitching.
This is the result: one side of the zipper will be enveloped between the ‘quilted top’ and the lining.
Fold the ‘quilted top’ and lining right side out and then
Top stitch this ‘sandwich’ as close to the edge as possible.
For the opposite side, layer the opposite 9″ long side of the ‘quilted top’ right side up, with the opposite side of the zipper right side down along the edge as shown, and finally the lining on top of the zipper right side down.
*note* I pinned the zipper on the end to help hold it while I layered and pinned the lining.
This is how the project will look at this point.
Due to the zipper teeth, I pinned the lining lengthwise and removed the pins carefully as I sewed.
This step also requires that you start to sew to the zipper tab, stop, move the tab and continue to sew to the end.
You have encased the ‘quilt top’ with the linings and zipper.
Again turn this right side out and top stitch as close to the zipper as possible.
Turn your project so that the lining is wrong side out.
Your zipper MUST remain at least 1/2 open for the rest of construction.
Next pull the lining fabrics to the left as shown, zipper in the middle and the ‘quilted top’ to the right.
Pin around the outside edge.
This is how the bag should look at this point.
Be careful sewing over the zipper ends as this area is very thick.
Leave  about a 2″ opening at the bottom edge of the lining for turning.
Sew the perimeter of the project.
Here is the opening in the lining for turning.
Before turning right side out, take the lining and slightly pinch the corner to separate the layers as shown.

Flatten the fabric to a point and mark 11/2″ from the point (this yields a 3″ base)
(if you would like a “thinner” bag only measure 1″ from the point)
Sew on the line.
Trim to 1/4″ seam allowance.
Repeat for all four corners of the bag.
It will look like this before trimming the ‘ears’ off.
This shows the trimming of the points/ears.
Next, using the lining opening, turn your bag right side out.
See that the zipper is left open.
Before stuffing the lining into the bag, slip stitch the opening closed and reposition inside the bag.
Scrap Apple Bag
8 1/2″ X 5″ X 3″
This bag could easily be made larger or smaller and with ANY fabric that you choose.
I am curious to see what combinations you come up with!
Visit my blog for more tutorials and fabric ideas,
Vickie Eapen

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