Flurries Wall Hanging

Flurries final

Hello, again from northern Virginia!  I’m Polly from Aunt Polly’s Porch, with a fun wall quilt just perfect for your front door to welcome Christmas to your home!

I used the adorable “Flurry” collection from Kate Spain!

1 jelly roll
5/8 yard for background
1/2 yard for borders
1/2 yard print for fussy cutting ornaments
3/4 yard backing
1/2 yard for bucket and binding
paper-backed fusible

4 buttons for snowflake centers
thin ribbon for ornaments
white rick rack for the snowflakes
red rickrack for inside border

Pull out the green strips from the jelly roll to use for the tree and cut them in half.

Arrange eleven of them in a pleasing order and sew them together along the long sides.  You may use the same fabric several times if you like!

I pressed my seams open, but it’s your choice!  🙂

Cut a piece of fusible 16” by 22”, fold it half lengthwise and cut out a fun tree shape.  I wanted mine to look sort of Seuss-ish!!  You can draw on the paper side to try out different tree branch looks then cut it out on the one you like the best!!

Fuse it onto the wrong side of the green strippy piece.

Cut the tree out 1/8” inside the edges.

Cut the background 19” by 36”.  I used a 3” by 10” brown scrap from my stash for the tree trunk as there was no brown jelly roll strip in this collection. Press a strip of fusible onto the wrong side of the brown fabric scrap, then cut out a 2” by 9”  rectangle for the trunk.

Cut out a 6” square piece of bucket fabric.  My bucket is 5” tall and 6” across the top edge and 4” across the bottom edge.  Use a ruler and draw the shape on the back, then cut it out. Fuse it onto the wrong side of the bucket fabric and cut it out 1/8” inside the edges.

Cut or tear four 4” wide strips selvage to selvage for the borders.  Sew them onto the 4 sides of the background. Center the treetop, trunk and bucket on the background and fuse in place.  You can either straight stitch around the raw fused edges or you can blanket stitch them.

Now comes the fun part- decorating the tree.  I auditioned several different colors of rickrack and liked red the best.  But I waited to sew it on until after the quilt is quilted.  Press fusible onto the wrong side of the ornament fabric

and then fussy cut duplicates of different motifs from your fabric to use for ornaments on the tree.

I cut out quite a few different ones and auditioned them on the tree but found them too small for my liking as they disappeared on the busy treetop.

So, I drew a simple shape on the fusible and pressed it on the wrong side

of a few different jelly roll strips and tried them, too, on the tree and found them better than the others, but still too busy… sigh… 

So, then I drew the same simple shape on the fusible again and pressed it on the back of a more solid red fabric. After cutting them out, I auditioned adding some of the smaller fussy-cut motifs on top of the red ornament and then tried those on the tree and finally found the one I liked the best!

I removed them and made the quilt sandwich and quilted the wall hanging in a simple meander, changing threads to match…red for the bucket, green for the tree, brown for the trunk and white for the rest.  I then fused five of these ornaments on the tree, leaving ample space between them for the snowflakes!

I cut 3” pieces of white rickrack for the snowflakes- three pieces for each snowflake.  I pinned them onto the tree between the ornaments.

Then I stitched around the edges of the fused ornaments and down the center of each rickrack strip that formed the snowflakes.

I added light blue buttons in the center of each snowflake and small red bows at the top of each ornament.  I also fused on 4 of the smaller candy canes, then stitched around those edges, too.

Then I selected a colorfully striped jelly roll strip for a bow on the bucket.  I used pinking shears to cut the strip in half lengthwise before tying it into a bow, trimming the ends and tacking it on the bucket with a button in the center!

And then I stitched the red rickrack down the seam where the borders are sewn onto the quilt.  Now all that is left is binding.  I cut (4) 2 1/2” wide strips of fabric selvage to selvage, stitched them together, pressed them in half and sewed them onto the quilt edges with a scant 3/8” seam allowance.  If you want to add a hanging sleeve, you can!

Don’t forget the label on the back!!  And voila!!  You are finished!!  🙂

one 26” by 43” cute as can be Christmas wall hanging or door quilt!!

I hope you enjoy making this quick little project that is just perfect to welcome Christmas into your home and heart!  It’s so quick and easy you could even make a few for gifts!!
Yogi's bed

Yogi and I hope you like this design and wish you will drop by and visit us soon at Aunt Polly’s Porch! Have a happy “Christmas in July”!!

{Aunt Polly’s Porch}

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