Oh, Christmas Tree Quilt

Hi, I’m Amy! Also known to some as Alliekatmom. I am back with my second Recipe for you. I I want to share with you this half square triangle (HST) Christmas Tree quilt, made with Kate Spain’s new line Flurry. This quilt is much easier to make than it looks. It goes together quickly and accurately. I hope you love it as much as I do.

1 Flurry charm pack
1 1/4 yard of Bella solid white
1 3/4 yard of Flurry Wonderland Gumdrop 27084 13 for backing
1/2 yard of Peppermint Swirl Gumdrop 27087 24 for borders
1/2 yard of Solid Red Ribbon 27082 for the binding

The first step is to choose 30 prints from your Flurry charm pack. I chose 10 from each color…trying to stay away from the ones with the white backgrounds so it would show up better against my solid background fabric.

You will also need (for your wonky star):
2- 5″ charms which you will cut diagonally twice (yielding 4 triangles=total of 8)

** You may use more charms for more of a variety here.
1- 2.5″ square for the center of your wonky star

Then you need to cut your white backing fabric. Here are the cutting requirements.
30- 5″ squares (four 5″ strips of fabric should cover these)
2- 16.5″ x 4.5″ strips
2- 29″ x 4.5″ strips
2- 41″ x 4.5″ strips
2- 17.75″ x 6.5″ strips
8- 4.5″ squares
8- 2.5″ squares (these are for your wonky star)

** Borders are up to you! I added the borders by measuring both the top and bottom and dividing by two to get equal border lengths. They are 3.5″ wide. Sew the borders to the top and bottom and then measure the sides and divide by two….this will get you the side borders.

If you have a 1/4 inch ruler, you may use it here and follow this technique for your HST’s. If not just draw a line down the center of your square (diagonally) and sew 1/4 inch on either side of that line.
With your 1/4 ruler, draw a line on either side with a pencil. Do this for all 30 squares.

When finished with the lines put the fabric front sides together, keeping the pencil lines facing out and on top.

Sew down both sides of each HST. I suggest chain piecing (keep feeding the HTS’s in and do one side then with them all still attached to each other, do the other side).

When finished sewing both sides of the HST’s, cut them in half…diagonally down the middle.

Then iron them open, pressing seams away from the solid white background.

Trim each of your HST’s to 4.5 inches.

** If you wish to make a smaller quilt, or a wall hanging then you can make your HST’s as small as you want by either making them smaller here or starting with smaller squares and then squaring them up to the nearest half inch.

Once all your HST’s are trimmed to 4.5″ squares….You can begin assembly of the top.

First lay out the HST’s in rows as it shows above. Take time to get the layout and placement you like best.

Begin sewing your rows together.

Start by sewing the top 4 rows together, pressing your seams so that each row of seams are going in opposite directions. For example, in the top row your seams will all be pressed in the left direction, the second row all the seams will be pressed towards the right. This will make piecing the rows easier. Or if you prefer, you may press your seams open.

Next sew the 4 rows you just pieced together.

Match up each seam and pin before sewing together.

I like to pin them this way so that my needle doesn’t get in the way while I am sewing. It works just as well as pinning the other way. Pinning is important if you want your points to match up.

** Tip: In the picture above you can see where my sewing lines meet and make an X, this shows you where to sew and where you 1/4 inch is. As you are sewing, make sure you sew just on the outside edge where that X is, getting as close as you can to the X. This will give you perfect points.

Finish sewing your 4 rows together.

Sew the 16.5″ x 4.5″ strips to each side of the row.

Sew the next three rows together following the same procedure as the first 4 rows.

Sew the 29″ x 4.5″ strips to each side and then attach these rows to the top 4 rows.

Sew the next three rows together and attach them to the top completed rows. Then you will sew the 41″ x 4.5″ strips to each side.

You have one more row (the bottom row) to sew and attach to the completed rows. This completes the tree part.

Next you will make the wonky star for the top of your Christmas tree.

Take your 2.5″ white square and put your printed triangle as shown above (you can make it as wonky as you want, just be sure that when you fold it over it will cover the white part of the square completely) and sew a 1/4″ seam on the diagonal line. Press and trim away the excess.

Lay your second triangle over the one you just sewed. and sew your 1/4″ seam. Press and trim the square to 2.5″.

Follow these steps 3 more times.

Layout all of your 2.5 inch squares like the picture above. You will have one center block, 4 corner blocks of white, and 4 star point blocks. Sew these together as you normally would.

Attach the 17.75″ x 6.5″ strips to each side…centering on the top of the quilt attach it to your Christmas tree.

And your top is finished.
I added 3.5″ inch borders to the quilt, quilted with straight line quilting…echoing the HST’s and only quilted in the white areas to make the tree stand out more.

Back and bind as you normally would.

One Oh, Christmas Tree Quilt! Measuring 46.5″ x 57″

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and don’t forget to stop by and tell me what you think on my blog.

Amy Rivera

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