Strawberries and Sunshine Reversible Rug/Bath Mat

strawberries and sunshine reversible rug bath mat 

Hello you all! I’m Penny of Sew Take a Hike and I am so very excited to introduce you to my first Moda Bake Shop project, the Strawberries and Sunshine reversible rug/bath mat. This project was born out of a need I had to combine the lovely line of Strawberry Fields with a fun polka dot terry cloth towel.

100_0377 rug front


½ yard Bella Solids yellow (9900-23), cut into (3) 6″ x WOF strips
1 jelly roll Strawberry Fields (you will have leftovers)
cotton terrycloth towel measuring 24″ x 32″ (I cut up a premade polka dot towel)
cotton batting measuring 24″ x 32″
spray starch
fabric glue
corner template
walking foot

All seams are 1/4″ unless otherwise specified. WOF = width of fabric.
1. Cut 25 of the jelly roll strips in half and set one of the 1/2 strip sets aside for use.
2. Sew the 1/2 strips together, longways, in sets of 5.


3. Cut each of the panels from step 2 into (8) 2½” wide strips.


4. Randomly sew three of the strips from step 3 into one strip. Repeat this process so you end up with 12 strips that consist of 15 squares. There will be 4 strips from step 3 leftover.
5. Arrange the 12 strips as you like and sew them together, making sure to pin at the seams so the squares line up.


6. Print and cut out the template included in the Printer Friendly Version (at bottom of post):
7. Lay the template on one corner of your patchwork rug top and use a rotary cutter to round the corner. Repeat with remaining 3 corners.
8. Using the patchwork oval as a template, lay the patchwork on top of the batting and use your rotary cutter to trim the batting to the same shape as the patchwork oval. Repeat this step with the terry cloth backing.
9. Layer your batting and patchwork together, pin, and quilt as you desire. In this next section, you will make your continuous prairie points.
10. Using one of the 6” x WOF prairie point fabric strips, fold it in half longways and press.
11. Using a ruler and rotary cutter, cut a straight line from the edge of the fabric just to the center fold line every 1.5”, alternating cuts from the top edge of the fabric to the lower edge.


I used a 2″ wide ruler to do this, lining the previous cut edge up with the 1.5” mark on the clear ruler to make even cuts.
12. Cut off the first 1.5” flap of fabric at the fold line.


13. Cut off the last two flaps of fabric at the opposite end.


14. Fold each square in half to form triangles, making sure to fold each one in the same direction and press as you go.


15. Place a dot of fabric glue on the outside tip of each triangle and fold the triangles in half, bringing the raw edges even with the center of the fabric strip. Press as you go.

100_0334 100_0336
16. Fold the top triangles over on top of the lower triangles, pressing and using spray starch as you go.
100_0338 100_0340
17. Baste stitch ⅛” from the straight edge.
18. Repeat the steps to make prairie points with remaining two 6″ x WOF strips.
19. Using two full prairie point strips and only 8 points from the third prairie point strip, pin prairie points around the right side of the perimeter of the rug, making sure to line up the prairie points correctly when you end with one prairie point strip and start with another.
100_0343 100_0344
20. Sew the prairie points to the quilted patchwork rug top, sewing very close to the stitching on the prairie point edge.

21. Sandwich the patchwork rug top right side up and lay the terry cloth right side down and pin.
22. Use a ⅜” seam and your walking foot to sew together, making sure to leave a 4″ hole for turning.
23. Turn the rug and press.
24. Use your walking foot to topstitch 1/8″ around the outside of the main part of the rug, making sure you sew the turning hole closed.
25. Stitch in the ditch on the patchwork side of the rug in 6 lengthways seams to attach the terrycloth to the patchwork front.

One 32″ x  25¼” reversible rug/bath mat


Penny Layman
{Sew Take a Hike}

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