Hoopla Pops Quilt

1 charm pack- Hoopla by MODA
2/3 yard 32236-34 Hoopla by MODA
1/3 yard 32415-19 Hoopla by MODA
1 1/4 yards 32235-12 Hoopla by MODA

1/4 yd paper backed fusible web

1.  Look through your charm pack and choose 4 charms for each color you want to use in your quilt design.  I chose red, yellow, green and blue.  Arrange them any way you want. Sew together as shown below to make four strips made up of four charms each.

2.  Choose another 4 charms- one of each color family you chose in step #1 and set aside.

3.  Cut 5 strips measuring 2.5″ x width of fabric of the white on white (32236-34).

4.  Trim selvages off each white strip.

5. Take 2 white strips and set them aside.  Cut the other 3 white strips in half so each strip measures approximately 2.5″ x 22″.

6. Sew the 2.5″ x 22″ white strips to your charm strips like this:

7.  Press seams toward charms (because sashing is white).

8. Trim excess fabric flush with edge.

9.  Take the two long white strips (2.5″ x WOF) you set aside earlier and sew them to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Trim excess fabric flush with sides of quilt.  Press seams towards white border.

10.  Take your remaining charms and cut them in two at the 3″ measurement.

11. Take 10 of the 3″ wide charm strips and sew them together to get one long strip that looks like this:

12.  Fold strip over on itself so the pretty side is on the inside and slice it right down the middle at 2.5″.

13.  Attach each of these two strips to the sides of the quilt.

14.  I like to sew with the seams facing up so I can see and adjust them in whatever direction they will lay flat as I sew. 

15.  Trim excess fabric with top and bottom of the quilt.

16.  Take the 2″ wide charm strips and lay 7 of them side by side and sew together like this:

17.  Repeat step #16 and attach one strip to top and bottom of quilt.  Trim excess with side of quilt.

18.  Cut 4 strips measuring 3.5″ x WOF from the white on white fabric.

19.  Attach borders to top and bottom of quilt first.  Then, sew side borders.  Your quilt top will look like this:

20.  Take the four charms you set aside earlier and cut a circle out of each.  You can use a glass cup, a small saucer plate, etc.  Use any template you can find that will give you a 3″ or 4″ circle.  I used an acrylic template and just cut around it. You can also trace your template and then cut with scissors.
Side note: I attached the circles after the quilt top was complete so I could decide where exactly I wanted each circle to be on the quilt.  You can sew them earlier on in the process to the strips of charms if you want.   

21.  Using your favorite applique technique attach the circles to your quilt.  The easiest way would be to fuse the wrong side of the circles to paper backed fusible web and then fuse to quilt and sew around edges to secure.  For my free video tutorial on fusible web applique click HERE. 

23.  Layer your finished quilt top, batting and backing and quilt as desired.

24.  Make and attach binding.

One really cute modern quilt that measures ~36″ x 30″!  This quilt would be adorable as a baby play mat or a wall hanging. Enjoy!

Vanessa Wilson

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