Sunkissed Jewel Box Quilt

Hi y’all! I’m here today to share a lovely traditional pattern. When I made my first Jewel Box Quilt, I didn’t even know what it was called. I went off of a picture of an antique quilt. My ignorance was bliss because instead of making it the traditional way (1 complicated repeating block), I made this quilt using 2 simpler blocks. This quilt is traditionally made in jewel tones, but I think it looks even better in the dusty pastels of the Sunkissed line.

1 Layer Cake (Sunkissed 5440 LC)
2 Bella Solid Charm Packs (White)
1.5 yds Bella Solid (White)
1/2 yard inner border (5443 21)
1 1/4 yds outer border (5446 11) * If using a directional print, be safe and order 1.5 yards *
5/8 yard binding fabric (5447 11)
5 1/4 yards backing fabric (5444 11)

If you choose a background fabric that Moda does not carry in charm packs, purchase 3 yards total of background fabric (instead of 2 charm packs + 1.5 yds of yardage).

The Cutting

First things first… remove the white on white print from the layer cake.  It just doesn’t provide enough contrast for this design (but it would make a wonderful label for your back).

Take your remaining 41 layer cake squares and subcut them into:

(2) 2.25″x10″ strips
(2) 5″x5″ squares
.5″x10″ scrap (discard)

Take your white background fabric and cut into (82) 2.25″x10″strips.  If you are using Bella Solid yardage instead of charm packs, you will cut the rest of your white fabric into (82) 5″ charms.

Cut your inner border fabric in 2.5″ inch long strips.  You will need to join your strips for them to be long enough.

Cut your outer border in 5″ long strips.  You will need to join your strips to make them long enough.  You will need to pay special attention if you have chosen a directional print.

The Construction

Take 82 solid white charms and draw a diagonal line down the center.  Place one on top of each of your 82 printed charms.  Sew a seam 1/4″ away from both sides of the drawn line.  Cut on the drawn line and press seams toward the print.  Trim each half square triangle to a 4″ square.   You should now have 164 half square triangles.  Reserve 4 Half Square Triangles for the corners of your quilt.

Take your remaining 160 Half Square Triangles and Sew them into pairs to make (80) 7.5″x4″ triangles (see above).  Reserve 14 of your newly made triangles for the edge of your quilt.  You will have 66 triangles remaining.

Sew the remaining 66 triangles into 33 Diamonds like above.  Each diamond should measure 7.5″ square.  Now let’s get started on the alternating blocks.

Sew your (82) 2.25″x10″ white strips and your (82) 2.25″x10″ printed trips into pairs. 
Press toward the printed fabric.
You will have 82 white/print strip pairs.

Take 40 pairs and sew them together at the prints.  Take the other 40 pairs and sew them together at the white strips (see above).  You will have 20 strip sets sewn together at the print and 20 strip sets sewn together at the white.  You will have 2 pair left over…reserve those in case you have a cutting error and need to replace a block.

Cut each of your newly sewn strip sets and cut them down into (4) 2.25″x10″ sections. 

Pair up your strip sections like so into.  You will have (80) 4×7.5″ blocks like this (these look like two 4 pack blocks sewn together.  Reserve 18 of these blocks.  You will have 62 of these leftover.

Sew these together in pairs so that the interior is made of 4 printed blocks. This will give you 31 blocks that measure 7.5″(before being sewn into the quilt top) that look like this:

Arrange your blocks in alternating fashion.  Start with your diamond blocks.  You will have 7 columns and 9 rows.  If you stopped right here, you would have a 49×63 lap quilt.

Take the 4 HST and the 1/2 blocks you reserved earlier.  Arrange them around your quilt top to make it appear as if the design will continue.  Attach these blocks to each other then to the quilt top (the side with your HSTs in the corner will go on last).

Attach your inner, then outer borders.


Approximate fabric requirements for backing: 5 1/4 YD.

Construct 2 strips the width of the fabric and length at least 94.5. Sew strips together to form vertical seams in the backing.

Baste your quit.

Quilt as desired.  I used a leafy vine free motion design.


Cut 9 strips of width 2.5″.  Form 1 continuous binding strip and attach to your quilt then hand stitch to the other side.

1 73″x88″ twin sized quilt

Visit me over at my blog, The Tulip Patch,  to see a jewel box quilt in another colorway, view the back of this quilt, and get details on a layer cake giveaway!

Mary Lane Brown

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