Summer Dreamin’

Hi there! It’s me again, Kaye from Miss Print! I’m so happy to be back here at the Bake Shop with my second tutorial. It’s getting pretty cold here in many parts of the northern hemisphere, so why not make a quilt to remind yourself of the beautiful colours and warm evenings of summer? This is a quilt to snuggle, cuddle, and dream under.

2 layers cakes – I used Dream On by Urban Chiks
1 bella solids layer cake – I used Snow
4 7/8 yards for backing – I used Groovy in Blue Moon from Dream On
7/8 yard for binding – I used Old School in Grass from Dream On

Select 20 squares from each of your Dream On layer cakes – the 20 squares from each layer cake should be matching, as you will need 2 matching printed squares to complete each block. You will also need 40 of the squares from your solid layer cake for a total of 80 layer cake squares.

Divide your layer cake squares into piles containing your two matching printed squares and two solid squares – these four squares will be the basis for each block.

The following directions are for one block:

On the backside of each solid square, draw a line down the middle from each point (i.e. top right point to bottom left point, and top left point to bottom right point) so that you have an X traversing the whole of the square.

Pair up one solid square and one printed square right sides together. On both sides of the lines you just drew, sew a 1/4″ seam.

Now it’s time to cut your square – this will yield 8 half square triangles (HSTs):

Do not cut down your diagonal lines quite yet. Cut your square in half so that you are left with two 10×5″ pieces.

Now cut each 10×5″ piece in half so that you are left with four 5×5″ pieces.

Cut down the diagonal line on each 5×5″ square. Press your seams toward the printed fabric.

Repeat with your remaining solid and printed square. Each finished HST should measure 4.5″ square (trim if necessary).

Lay out your 16 HSTs as shown in the picture below.

Sew your HSTs together row by row.

Sews the rows together to form your block. Look at that… your block is done! Your block should now measure 16.5″ square (to finish at 16″ square).

Repeat the above steps with the rest of your block piles.

Lay your blocks out in a 4×5 grid and sew into rows. Now sew your rows together and your quilt top is done!

Sandwich, baste, quilt, bind and you’re done!

 Finished quilt will measure 64×80″.

Since there are enough printed layer cake squares left to make a second quilt (obviously you will need to double the rest of the ingredients), why not swap squares with a friend so that you can each make two quilts but with different fabrics? Or get a little funky and incorporate some of your extra squares into a pieced back? I’m sure you won’t be short on ideas for how to use that awesome leftover yumminess!

Kaye Prince
{Miss Print}

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