Hexagon Park

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Hi, I’m Lynne, from Lily’s Quilts.  I’m a UK quilter and leapt at the chance to design a quilt using the eagerly awaited new line from UK fabric designer, Aneela Hoey, Sherbet Pips.  Want to make this quilt right now?  Head on over to my blog this week for a chance to win a Sherbet Pips layer cake!

For the quilt top:
One Sherbet Pips layer cake
Two and a half yards of Moda Bella Solids white


For the binding and backing:
1/2 yard of fabric for the binding
5 yards of fabric for the backing

Choose 30 layer cake squares for the hexagons and save the remaining squares for the small square border.  To make each hexagon, take one layer cake square, fold and iron it in half horizontally and cut a half inch strip off along the folded line, yielding two rectangles 4 1/2″ by 10″.  For clarity, the strip you are cutting off is an inch wide when unfolded.


Keeping those two rectangles of fabric together as they are, position them on your cutting board so that first the bottom right and then the bottom left corner line up with the 60 degree line marked on the cutting board and cut off triangles on each side as shown in this picture:


You will end up with two half hexagons and four small triangles looking like this.  Keep the triangles; you will use some of them in the quilt.


For the sashing between the hexagons, cut 12 WOF (width of fabric) strips 2″ wide.  Cut these strips into 7 1/4″ lengths.  Also cut 8 WOF strips 1 1/4″ wide and cut these into 5 1/4″ lengths.  Sew one of the shorter, narrower strips onto the top and bottom of each of the half hexagons, press the seams away from the white strips and trim following the lines of the half hexagon edges.


Separate all your half hexagons into two piles – the tops and the bottoms. Add 7 1/4″ sashing strips to the sides of each of the tops, lining up the sashing with the top of the block so that there is some overhang at the bottom.


Press seams away from the white sashing and trim, following the lines of the half hexagons sides.


Arrange the hexagons into a pleasing layout (refer to the picture of the whole quilt to help if needed).  Take the pile of little triangles cut off when you cut the hexagons and choose some pairs of these to add down the sides of the quilt layout.  Take each of the bottom half hexagons on the left hand and right hand side of the layout and add a 7 1/4″ sashing strip along the side that will be attached to a small triangle.


Sew the small triangles to the half hexagon next to them, lining them up with the white sashing:


Sew each row together, pressing seams away from the white sashing.  My top row looked like this:

row 1 of 12!

Sew all 12 rows together, pressing seams open and trimming along the edges of the small triangles, removing the little points of sashing.

Sashing and small square border:
Cut 12 WOF strips 2 1/2″ wide from the white fabric and add a white border to the quilt top.

Cut 5 WOF strips 2 5/8″ wide and cut into 5″ lengths.  Cut (36) 5″ squares from the remaining layer cake. Add the 5″ square border alternating 5″ squares with the white 5″ sashing strips.  Add one more 2 1/2″ white border.  You now have your completed quilt top.

Hexagon Park

Cut the backing fabric in half lengthwise, remove selvages and sew the two pieces together along the long sides to create the quilt backing.  Sandwich, quilt, bind, wash, dry and enjoy.

One sashed hexagon quilt 80″ by 70″.  Mine will be used for snuggling under on the sofa.  I made it for me but I suspect my twin daughters may make it their own before too long.  If you make this quilt, I’d love you to let me know via my blog, Lily’s Quilts.

Thank you!

Lynne Goldsworthy
{Lily’s Quilts}

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