Geese In The Park

Hello, my friends! It’s KarrieLyne from Freckled Whimsy bringing you another quilt tutorial!  I have so much fun putting these together for you. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do! 🙂

When I saw Kate Spain’s new line, Central Park, I knew I had to make a quilt with it. This line is themed around nature, so what better block to use than a flying geese block? I came up with a design using a unique placement of the flying geese to create a diamond effect, or if you’d rather, a zig zag effect.

Also, my good friend Leah over at Burgundy Buttons is offering this as a kit at a special price just for you!! Click HERE to get yours! Also, speaking of Kate Spain…you’ll never guess!! She has specially designed a quilt label just for this kit!!  {{insert me excitedly jumping up and down!!}} So, hurry on over before they are all gone!

Enjoy…. Geese In The Park

What you will need to get started:

1 Layer Cake – Central Park
1 Layer Cake – White
1 1/2 yards of (27070 14) for border & binding
1 1/4 yard (27065 14) for 2nd border
4 1/2 yards of (27066 14) for backing

**Please read through the entire tutorial before beginning.

**All seam allowances are 1/4″.

**Blocks will finish at 8″ x 4″. (8.5″ x 4.5″ unfinished)


1.  Choose 27 printed Layer Cake (LC) pieces.  We need to trim these to 9 1/4″ square.

2.  Using a ruler that is larger than your LC square, line up the top and right edge of your ruler with the top and right edge of the LC piece so that only about 1/8″ of the LC is showing. We just want to trim off the pinked edges.

3.  Trim the edges on the top and the right.

4.  Rotate your LC piece 180 degrees so that the top right corner is now at the bottom left corner. Your straight edges will now be on the left and bottom. Using your ruler, measure a square that is 9 1/4″.

5. Cut your 9 1/4″ square. Discard the scraps.

6.  Repeat steps 2-5 for each of the remaining 26 LC printed squares. Set these aside for now.

7.  Gather 27 of the white LC pieces. We need to trim these to yield four – 4 7/8″ squares per LC piece.
**Note: If you want to cut these from yardage, you will need 108 squares measuring 4 7/8″.

8.  Start by trimming the left edge of your LC. Trim just enough to cut off the pinked edges, creating a straight edge. Be careful not to trim too much or you won’t have enough fabric to cut 4 squares. 

**Note: I cut 3 LC pieces at a time to make this step go faster.

9.  Now measure over 4 7/8″ with your ruler and make your cut.

10. Carefully slide the right stack over about 1/4″. Using this newly cut edge, measure over 4 7/8″ and cut.

11.  Carefully rotate the stacks you just cut. We need to sub cut these into 4 7/8″ squares.

12. Trim the edge off again. Just enough to cut the pinked edge off. Not too much. We just want to establish a straight edge.

13. Measure over 4 7/8″ and cut.

14.  Carefully move the stack on the right over about 1/4″. Using this newly cut edge, measure over 4 7/8″ and cut.  Repeat for other strip.

15. Each LC piece will yield 4 squares measuring 4 7/8″. You will need a total of 108 of these squares. 

Making the blocks:
1.  For each printed LC piece, you will need 4 of the 4 7/8″ white squares. This combination will make 4 flying geese blocks.
2.  You will need to draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each of your squares measuring 4 7/8″. 

Place two of these on your 9 1/4″ printed LC square as shown below. Be sure to line up all your edges, and your drawn lines should meet.  Pin in place.

3.  Sew 1/4″ on both sides of your drawn line.

4.  Cut on that drawn line.

5.  Press to the white triangles. Yields two heart shaped thingies 🙂

6.  Place another 4 7/8″ square on the end of each of these heart shaped thingies. Making sure the drawn line begins at the point of the printed LC and falls between the two triangles.  Pin in place.

7.  Sew 1/4″ on either side of the drawn line on each piece.

8.  Cut on drawn lines.

9.  Press to the white triangles. Yield 4 flying geese! 🙂

10.  Something to watch when making flying geese like these. If you have a directional print, they are going to be a bit wonky. Personally I didn’t mind, but if you do, this is how they will turn out. (The trees are all in one direction on the print.)

11. Repeat steps 2-9 for the remaining 26 LC pieces.

12.  Chain piecing during steps 3 and 7 will make this process much much faster! 

13. Once you have all  your flying geese blocks made (you need 105 blocks but will have some extra using this method), arrange them 7 blocks by 15 blocks.

The block in the top left, the point of the “goose” should face down, the next block it will face up, and so on. The next row will be the opposite. Repeat for all 15 rows, arranging your blocks in a pleasing order.

14.  Once you have them arranged how you like, sew the blocks into rows, making sure to press each row in opposite directions so the seams will nest when you sew the rows together.

15.  Sew the rows together.

16.  Cut from the purple fabric, 8 strips measuring 2.5″ x WOF (width of fabric) for your first border. Attach in your preferred method.

17. From the border print, cut 8 strips measuring 4.5″ x WOF for your second border. Attach in your preferred method.

18. All that is left is for you to sandwich your quilt, baste, quilt, and bind it. Oh, and don’t forget to throw it in the wash so it gets all smooshy! 😀

19.  If you want a completely different look, follow the same instructions, but where I use white, use a print, and where I use a print, use white. This will give you white diamonds and the zig zags will be in the prints. 🙂

 This quilt will measure about 68″ x 72″ (before washing).  Isn’t it cute? 😀

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! If you make this quilt, please oh please share it with me? You can email a photo of it to me HERE or you can add it to my Flickr Group HERE.  I would love to feature them on my blog! 🙂

Much Love and Happy Quilting!!


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