Counting By Fives

Hi!  I’m Polly from Aunt Polly’s Porch, and this is my first Moda Bake Shop recipe!  I’m an elementary teacher by trade so when I designed this quilt last August, I had going back to school on my mind… so when it came time to name the quilt, “Counting By Fives” seemed just right!  I hope you enjoy the clean lines and overall simplicity of it!

From the Charlevoix collection
1 honey bun
2 yards     # 14696 15 for sashing
1/2 yard   # 14697 14 for binding
4 yards    #  14694 13 for backing
batting of your choice- I used Warm and Natural

Open up the honey bun, caress the strips but keep the drool off!! I mean, how could I NOT love this line…every selvage calls my name!  🙂
OK, nuff said!  Time to cook!!  🙂
Sort the strips into sets of five with a variety of colors, texture and value.
Stitch the strips together along the long sides, pressing the seams open as you add each of the five strips. 
Repeat this with all eight sets of 5 strips.
These are my eight strip sets ready to cut into blocks!
Sub-cut each sewn strip set into 5 1/2″ pieces. 
You will get 7 blocks from each strip set, giving you 56 blocks total. 
Layout the blocks in eight rows of seven blocks per row, alternating the direction of the strip orientation- horizontal then vertical then horizontal, and so on.
Next, tear or cut eleven 3″ wide strips of the sashing fabric lengthwise along the 72″ yardage.  
Take 9 of these strips and cut down to 52″ long.  These will be used for the horizontal sashing strips between rows.  Save the leftover pieces. 
Take the last 2 long sashing strips and cut them down to 63″. These will be used for the vertical sashing pieces on each side.
Next we need to cut the small vertical sashing pieces for between the blocks in each row.  Using all the sashing leftover pieces, sub cut them into as many 3″ X  5 1/2″ rectangles as you can. We need a total of 48, so you will need to tear or cut more 3″ wide strips from the sashing fabric. 
You can get thirteen  3″ X 5 1/2″ pices from each long strip, so you will need to tear or cut 2 or 3 more long sashing strips to get a total of 48 small sashing pieces for between each block in all eight rows.
Next, using the 3″ X 5 1/2″ sashing rectangles, sew one in between each block in all eight rows, pressing the seams toward the sashing pieces.
Next, sew the 52″ long sashing pieces between each row, as well as one on the top and one at the bottom. Press the seams towards the sashing pieces.
Almost done!  Lastly add the 63″ sashing pieces to each side!
Press the seams toward the sashing. 
TAAAAAA DAAAAAAA!! The top is all done! Easy peasy, right?
Cut the yardage for the backing in half, cut off the selvages, then sew the two 72″ sides together.  Press the seam open and continue to make your quilt “sandwich” as you usually do… then quilt as desired!  I free-motion quilted leaves and vines on mine. 
Cut six 2 1/2″ strips selvage to selvage (42″) for the binding. Sew them short end-to-end, press in half then sew onto the quilt edge as usual. Don’t forget to add a label!
one 56″ X  63″ quilt ready for a nap on the porch!  🙂
Please come visit me on my blog {}.My Westie, Yogi and I would love to see you there!!
Hope to see you again soon!  Ciao!  Polly 🙂
P.S.  If you’d like to make a cool scrappy Messenger Bag with these leftover scraps from this quilt- come to my blog to see what I cooked up!! I LOVE leftovers  🙂
Polly Monica

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