Christmas Tree Card Holder

Happy Holidays Moda Bake Shop-ers! It’s Ellie from Craft Sew Create. Don’t know where to put all the lovely holiday cards you are receiving this year? I have just the place! A tree shaped bulletin board that’s just right to display cards from family and friends. There is a bit more than sewing with this project, but if you’re up to it, you’ll be rewarded with something beautiful and functional!

One Christmas Charm Pack ( I chose Fruitcake by Basic Grey)

1/2 yard or one Fat Quarter solid fabric for tree trunk (I used Fruitcake – Grunge in Hot Cocoa)

One piece of 1/4″ plywood or hardwood that is at least 32″ x 48″ (Home Depot & Lowes sell pre-cut plywood that is 4 ft x 4 ft. You can get two trees out of it.)

Thin craft Batting

7 yards 5/8″ coordinating ribbon

20 Upholstery Tacks (sold at most home improvement and craft stores)

Sawtooth picture hanger

Tools you will need:
Staple Gun

Electric Saw

Using your quilter’s ruler, you need to draw the outline to cut out your tree with the dimensions as shown. Use an electric saw to cut out the tree. If you don’t have one, it’s time to call in that favor from your neighbor who does :). Some home improvement centers will even do it for you! Sand the edges as necessary.

Next…Time to Sew (yay!)
Layout your charm pack in a tree shape as shown. Start with 8 squares on the bottom and use one less for each row until there is only one.

Piece together by rows then sew the strips together. Because they need to be staggered, fold the center square of each row in half and finger press the middle. Use that center point to match the seam on the next row and pin in place.

Be sure to press your seams! I like to press my seams open. 
You will end up with a beautiful patch worked fabric tree!

Next steps:

I am showing the picture of this after the tree is complete, but you need to do it first! Hammer in the sawtooth hanger about 4″ from the top of the tree. *The nails will go through to the front! They need to be bent and hammered down before your fabric goes on.* 🙂

Now, layout your batting, place your wood tree on top, and cut out along the edges leaving about an inch extra batting all the way around. Clip the batting in the corners of the tree and trunk.

Then lay your fabric tree on top of the batting and wood. Make sure you center the fabric on the top and the bottom.

When you have the fabric centered on the board, place 3 stabilizing staples at the very bottom of the fabric into the trunk of the tree (They will be covered by the trunk fabric later). It’s time to staple baby!

Carefully flip the board over. Start at the top, pull the fabric over and fold the fabric under so it’s taut but not too tight. Staple in place. 

After a few staples just check to make sure it’s not pulling too much on either side, keep it even and centered.

When you get to the pointed edges, pull the fabric back together and fold over as best and least bunchy as possible.

When you come to the trunk you need to cut a notch in the side of the fabric.

Continue to staple until the whole tree is done.

Next: The Tree Trunk

Cut your trunk fabric to 14″ x 18″. You need to fold over the top of the fabric about 2″. Place at the top of the base of the tree.

Then you fold over the fabric two more times making each fold 2″. Wrap the fabric under on the bottom to make sure it is even with the other folds.

Pin in place so the folds don’t come undone when you staple.

Staple the trunk. You can reduce some of the bulk at the corners by cutting off batting. Fold in like you are wrapping a present.
Next up: Attach the Ribbon

It’s important to start your first ribbon in the lower corner, right next to the trunk. Angle the ribbon up to about 17″ on the opposite side. Carefully staple in place. This ribbon will be the measuring point for the rest of the ribbons going that direction.

Next, take your quilter’s ruler and measure 5″ between each ribbon. Staple in place. Finish for all the ribbons going that direction. Then repeat on the opposite side.
It should look like this when you are finished.
Last Step: Nail the Tacks

At each point where the ribbon intersects you need to hammer in a tack.  Be careful! It will go through to the back of the board. Make sure you are hammering off the table or on the carpet so you won’t harm any furniture.

 Because it does go through to the back, you need to hammer it down as shown.

One cute and functional Christmas Card Tree! Hope you will enjoy making it, it really is a fun project. Come visit me at Craft Sew Create for more fun sewing and crafting together!

Ellie Roberts
{Craft Sew Create}

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