Star Drops Table Topper

Hi! I’m back again with a new project for our Moda “bakers”. While I was as the Spring 2010 quilt market. I met Darlene Zimmerman. She is an amazing quilter and has been designing for more than 20 years. Dalrene mainly focuses on 1930’s reproductions. That’s where I first came to know of her since I have collected 1930’s repros for over 12 years!
As I said, I met Darlene at market and we had some serious quilting chat about what other designs she has and her rulers. United Notions carries all of Darlene’s rulers, so it was fitting that I introduce a couple of them to you here on the Bake Shop.
Without further ado…….
Star Drops Table Topper
1/2 yard background sku # 32376-18 Marshmallow Dots
Bamboo batting at least 20″ X 20″
Begin by cutting strips of background  3.5″ X width of fabric.
In addition: cut a background strip 5″ X Width of Fabric for setting squares.
Sub cut the 3.5″ background strip into {40} triangles.
Line the 3.5″ line of the ruler on the cut edge of the fabric as shown.
Take several fat quarters and cut 4.5″ X 22″ strips.
I used 10 different prints.
Sub cut the 4.5″ strip into 20 triangles {2 each of 10 prints}.
Line up the 4.5″ line of the 30 degree triangle ruler and cut.
Each block requires 8 background triangles and 4 center triangles {2 of 2 colors} as shown.
To piece the component star points, begin by sewing on background triangle to a center triangle.
Then sew the other triangle to the opposite side of the center triangle.
This is one complete star point.
Using the Simpli-EZ square, line up the ruler and the background fabric as shown, to trim the piece.
Here is a close up and notice that the colored center point is 1/4″ from the ruler corner.
This is important for the final piecing of the blocks.
Rotate the star component and trim the other side.
The component should measure 3″ square as shown.
Here is the block just after trimming.
Select 4 components to make a block.
Sew these together similar to a 4-patch.
This is one block complete.
It should measure 5″ square.
Make 5 blocks.
Here are examples of blocks that I made.
Set the blocks in rows of 3.
A= 5″ background
B= 5″ pieced block
Sew them into rows of 3.
Then sew each row to the next.
The top should measure 15.5″ X 15.5″.
Lay the top with batting and backing fabric.
I used a fat quarter from the bundle for the backing.
Quilt as you like.
I chose to use 1/4 outline quiting for my topper.
Here is the back of the topper.
At this point, I have quilted the top before I trimmed the corners.
To trim the topper corners, I used a 4″ X 14″ ruler as shown. 
Lined it up with 1/4″ mark on the ruler with the points of the star blocks.
Trim the top, batting and backing away.
Do this for all four corners.
A view from the back.
A closer view of the quilting.
You may bind with any method you choose.
I decided to bind by machine.
To do this, I made 2 1/4″ double fold binding with left over strips from a fat quarter.
I sewed the binding to the BACK first.
Fold binding to the FRONT and machine stitch 1/16″ from the edge.
I recommend using coordinating threads on the top and bottom for a more polished finish.
A 15″ x 15″ Star Drops Table Topper
Darlene has a created a book with her design option for a larger quilt with setting strips and corner stones.
For those of you that have read through the tutorial, I have a surprise for you!
Leave a comment here on Moda Bake Shop and on my blog
to be entered in a giveaway for a bundle of 12 Moda fat quarters and more. 2 Chances to win!!
Check my blog for details.

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