City Stops Quilt

Hello!  I’m Jennifer Jenkinson of That Girl… That Quilt and I’m here to share my very first Moda Bake Shop project today.  I’m so excited to be able to show my City Stops quilt made with the fabulous City Weekend fabric line and show you how to make one of your very own!

4 City Weekend charm packs {you will have some left over… perfect for adding to the back}
1 cardboard piece from the back of a charm pack
2 yards for borders
3 yards for backing
Binding will come from your leftover border or backing fabric
Take your charm squares and cut them exactly in half.  You can speed this process up by cutting several at once; I could get my rotary blade through 6 at one time without distorting the fabric.
Once you have cut all your charms, take your cardboard piece from one of the charm packs.  This will be your template for cutting your half hexagons.  How easy is that?!
Cut your cardboard square in half.  With a ruler, measure a 60 degree angle as shown, mark, and cut the edges on both ends of the template.  Now you are ready to cut your half hexagons!
Take a few of your charm square pieces and lay your template on top.  Using a rotary cutter, cut very carefully on both sides.  If you have a hard time not cutting the template, you can simply lay a ruler on top of the template and fabric. Then cut along the ruler.  Cut all of your charm pieces into half hexagons.
Piecing your half hexagons is very simple but you do need to be precise and organized.  Your rows run will alternate directions, so I suggest stitching two pieces together for each direction {A & B} so you have a visual reminder.
When stitching your pairs, you will need to offset your pieces slightly as shown in the picture.
For your first row, get 20 half hexagons and sew them into 10 pairs. 
You can chain piece the pairs to make the process much faster.  Once you have your pairs stitched together, stitch the pairs into one long row.  
*Make sure you alternate the direction you are piecing your hexagons together!*  
Repeat this process to make 14 vertical rows of half hexagons.  Lay out and arrange your rows how you like. 
Now take 7 matching pairs of half hexagons and stitch them to the each of the ends of your vertical rows to give the illusion of whole hexagons at the bottom of your quilt.
Once you have your rows completed, sew your vertical rows together as pictured.  Pay close attention to your seams matching up and you will have a nice and scrappy hexagon look.  Press your rows as you go, until the center of your quilt top is complete.
For the two borders, cut two strips that measure 8″ x 62″.  As shown in the picture, sew your first border to one side of your quilt and press open.  Sew your second border to the opposite side and press open as well.   Now it’s time to grab your ruler!

*If you do not want to do a bias binding and would rather square your quilt, skip this next step and instead square your quilt by cutting a straight line across the top and bottom of the quilt top.*
To keep with the angles of the hexagons, measure the angle {it should be approximately 60 degrees}.
Lining up with the last angle, draw a line to the edge of your border.
With your rotary cutter and ruler, cut along the line to mirror the pattern of the hexagons.  Repeat this step on all 4 sides. 
Once you have the angles cut, use your ruler and trim the excess border fabric to the same length as the tips of your hexagons.
Press your quilt top well, baste, and quilt using your favorite method.  I quilted the hexagons following the outline of the shapes and then I free motion quilted the borders with a random flower design.
If you need a tutorial for binding hexagons, here is one that I wrote a few months ago…
One very unique 48″ x 60″ quilt
Thanks for following along with me today!  I hope you will stop by my blog sometime to chat…

Jennifer Jenkinson
{That Girl… That Quilt}

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