Tunnel Visions

Hi folks! I’m Mary from the Tulip Patch and today I have a vintage pattern redo for you. This pattern is based on the Box Quilt from Quilter’s Cache. I modified the pattern size and composition to make it layer cake friendly and re-arrangeable. I love it when a pattern from over 50 years ago still looks fresh and cute. Talk about timeless!

1 layer cake (Hoopla)
1/2 yard binding fabric- (32235 27)
1 1/2 yards background fabric – (32246 34)
3 yards backing fabric – (2 yds 32412 27; 1 yd 32416 33)

For this particular quilt, you will need 35 tunnel blocks.  Each layer cake can produce up to 42 tunnel blocks.
Cut 35 4″ squares of background fabric.  We will be using these to construct Half Square Triangles (HSTs).  Cut 35  3.5″x4″ rectangles from your background fabric.  These will form the center of your block.

Separate your fabric pieces into 2 piles.  One pile will be for busy, bold, or dark fabrics.  The next pile is for subtle prints or light colors.  The bold pile will be used to create your tunnel exteriors.  The subtle pile will be your tunnel interiors.  Each bold fabric can create pieces for 2 tunnels.  Each subtle fabric can create pieces for 3 tunnels.


Cut the pieces from your bold stack into:
(2) 3″ x 3.5″ pieces
(2) 3″ x 6.5″ pieces
(2) 4″ squares

You will have a 2″x4″ scrap piece remaining

Take your 4″ printed square and your 4″ background squares and create 2 matching HSTs per block.  I made 70 HST pairs for my 35 block quilt.

Trim down your HSTs to 3″ square.

Cut your subtle fabric pieces for your tunnel interiors.  Each square will yield:
(3) 3″x3.5″ rectangles
(3) 3″x6.5″ rectangles
(1) 1″x10″ scrap

Arrange the pieces to create your block.  Try to pair of fabrics that have some contrast for the best optical illusion.

Sew each row together.  Press your inner row seams outward.  Press the seams on your top and bottom row inward.

Sew your top, middle, and bottom rows together and press.  Trim into a 8″x8.5″ block.
Arrange your blocks and sew into rows, then sew rows together.  I used a 5×7 block layout. 
Now cut 4.5″ strips from your background fabric.  Sew as borders on your quilt.

Construct your backing & binding.
Baste, quilt, bind, enjoy!

A bright and cheery 45.75″ x 64.25″ quilt

If you’ve got some time, stop by my blog and see what’s going on over there!

Mary Lane Brown
{the Tulip Patch}

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