Knotty Jumper with Ruffled Leggings

1 jelly roll – Origins
1 yard of coordinating fabric

2 yards of jumbo rick rack

The following instructions and measurements are for a size 18-24 month knotted jumper and the ruffled leggings. 

Begin by cutting your strips into fourths.  Align them in a color combination you prefer and sew them together.  I sewed 32 strips to form this skirt.  Press your seams open when finished.

Prepare the bottom of the dress by cutting a piece the same length as all your sewn strips and 5 inches tall.  Fold it in half and press it.  Sew it onto the bottom of the strips.  The folded edge will become the bottom of the dress.  (Optional: Sew on the rickrack so that is covers the seam where the strips and the bottom fabric meet.)
Make the straps by taking one full strip and folding it in half.  Sew the edges, but leave an opening to invert it.  Clip your corners, invert, and press.

Cut 4 pieces from this pattern included in the Printer Friendly PDF.  Take two of the pattern pieces and place them right sides together. Sew the sides only – not the cut out area for the arm. Repeat this with the other two pieces.

Now you essentially have two loops of fabric.  Place one inside of the other with the correct sides facing each other. 
Insert your straps as shown.  Now sew the two layers together all around the top (along the opening for the arms and across the top).  

Cut slits along the curved seams and clip your corners.  Invert and top stitch.
You should have this.
Next you’ll join these two parts.
Sew two gathering stitches along the top of your skirt.  Pull the threads and adjust the fabric until it matches the circumference of the top of the jumper.  Sew them together and then sew a zigzag stitch on the inside of the seam.

Sew two button holes for the straps to pull through. 

For the leggings, cut one jelly roll strip in half.  Hem one side and sew a gathering stitch on the other side.  I recommend marking a line on the leggings with a water soluble pencil to help you sew it on straight.

Sew them onto the leggings as shown (as though it’s upside down).  When you’re finished you can iron the ruffles down to help them settle.

1 Knotted Jumper with Ruffled Leggings.  Depending on the size of the jumper you make, one jelly roll could make 2-3 jumpers.

Feel free to visit me anytime. Thanks!
Cheri Heaton 

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