Crossing Paths

Hello, Moda Bake Shoppers!! It’s KarrieLyne again from Freckled Whimsy! I’m so pleased to bring you my second bake shop goodie, Crossing Paths.

I’m also excited to share that Leah over at Burgundy Buttons has everything to make this quilt top in a kit, just for you! She also has backing fabric at a great price too! So hop on over and pay her a visit to pick up this kit. Make sure to tell her I said hello. 🙂


1 Layer Cake
1 1/2 yards of a light solid or near solid (30150-92)
1 1/4 yards for outer border  (30232-17)
2 1/2 yards dark solid or near solid for blocks, first border and binding (30150-99)
4 1/2 yards for backing (30234-17) & batting to match size

*Using the light yardage, cut (18) 10” squares.
*From the black, cut (18)  2” strips. Then cut those in half to yield 32 strips.
*Cut 8 more 2″ strips from the black for your 1st border.
*From the black fabric cut 8 strips 2.5″ wide to use for the binding
*From the outer border fabric, cut width of fabric into 8 strips, measuring 4.5″ wide.

Using the solid squares you cut, draw a line from top to bottom of each solid piece measuring 5” from the edge. (Right down the center).

Choose 18 layer cake pieces. I tried to keep out the lightest ones and the dark solids. Keep a good mixture of lights and mediums.

Put a layer cake piece and a solid piece RIGHT SIDES together.

Sew 1/4” seam on each side of that drawn line.

Cut on drawn line.

Press to dark. Yield two pieces.

Do this for all 18 pairs.

Pair them again so that each pair has two different prints from the layer cake. I paired mine all at once so I wouldn’t get duplicates. 🙂

On one of the pairs, on the WRONG side, draw a vertical line at 5” from the edge. Make sure your first sewn line is horizontal, or left to right.

Put your two pieces RIGHT sides together so that your print is on TOP of your solid. Your seams should nest nicely.

Sew 1/4” seam on each side of your drawn line.

Cut on drawn line. Press.

Each pair will yield 2 Four Patches. Do this process for each pair. You should have 36 Four Patches when you’re complete.

Cut from corner to corner through the LIGHT SOLID in each Four Patch block. Do not cut through the prints.

Sew one of the 2” black strips to one side of your triangle piece. Make sure you have some (at least an inch) of overhang on each end. Press to the dark.

Fold the piece with the strip in half, corner to corner and gently finger press the fold to create a line in the fabric. Flip the other triangle over top, RIGHT sides together, and line up the edges and the point of the triangle to the creased line. This is so it will be centered.

Sew the pieces together. Press to the dark.

Trim the two corners. (This is why you want at least an inch of overhang!)

Do this for all 36 Four Patches.

Arrange four of these “Four Patches” per the below photo.

Sew the top two blocks. Press to one side. Then sew the bottom two blocks and press to the opposite side. Then sew the top and bottom pieces together to form one large block.

**NOTE** Your blocks will not all be the same size so you will need to match up your seams, not the edges of your blocks. This will create overhang on each side of your new block (the 4 four patch blocks).

Now trim those hangover edges so your block is square. They should measure about 19.5″ square.

Lay out your blocks 3 x 3, again making sure to match your seams. If your edges don’t line up, this is ok. Once you have the top together, you will square up the sides if needed.

Once you’ve squared up the edges (if necessary) add the 2″ black border, then add the 4.5″ print border. Then sandwich your quilt, baste, quilt, bind and wash! 🙂

One Crossing Paths quilt measuring about 69″ square (before washing)!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! If you make this quilt, please, oh please share it with me! You can email a photo of it to me HERE or you can add it to my Flickr Group HERE.  I would love to feature them on my blog! 🙂

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me HERE.  I am happy to help.

Much Love and Happy Quilting!!


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