Snowflakes are Falling

Hi again! It’s Natalia from Piece N Quilt. I am so excited about this new Christmas quilt. Even though I pieced and quilted the whole thing while it was 100 degrees outside, it still makes me excited for Christmas. Don’t forget to stop by my blog and my online quilt shop where kits and Fruitcake materials are available.
1 Fruitcake Layer Cake
Kits are available @ Piece N Quilt
Start by cutting 168 – 4 1/2″ squares.
Now take your 4 1/2″ squares and draw a diagonal line across them. As shown in the image above.
Snowball all 42 of your layer cake squares. Sew across that diagonal line.
After you’ve sewn across that diagonal line you will trim the excess material away. As shown in the image above.
Now press the block. You should have 42 blocks that look like the above block.
From the white material you will cut 18 – 1″x width strips.
Now cut those strips into 4″x1″ strips.
You will now create the point for your snowflakes.
As shown in the image above, cut a diagonal line.
Cut another diagonal line in the opposite direction to create a point.
Using our starch applique tutorial , applique the points onto the 42 layer cake blocks as shown in the image above.

Using the white grunge material, set your blocks using 1 1/2″ sashing. Arrange the blocks 7 across by 6. Refer to the picture below.
Aadd a 3 1/2″ strip off Avalanche grunge material to the top of your quilt.
Then add a 9″ strip of the Fruitcake Sugar Cookies material to the top.
Now quilt, bind and enjoy all winter long.
I like to add coordinating pillowcases to my quilts. Use our pillow case tutorial on my blog to make these darling Christmas pillowcases.
1- 72 1/2″x74″ Snowflakes are Falling quilt.

Thanks again! You can save 10% off your total purchase @ Piece N Quilt when you use discount code “modabakehop”.

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