American Pinwheels

Hi! It’s Crystal again from Hendrixville! Patriotism is very strong in my family. My father served in the Vietnam war and my brother in law is currently serving in the Utah National Guard. I have great respect for all of the soldiers and the sacrifices they make for us. I made this quilt for my brother in law and his wife, and would like to dedicate this quilt for all the soldiers out there!

2 charm packs of Clermont Farms by Minick and Simpson
7/8 yards red color
2 1/2 yards different red color 
2 1/2 yards dark blue
3 yards light blue color 
4 yards cream color
7/8 y any fabric for binding
yards any color for backing

(All of the colors of fabric were taken from the Clermont Farms collection by Minick and Simpson)

This quilt is mostly made up of 2 different blocks. Each block will finish as a 10 1/2″ square. Use a 1/4″ seam throughout the quilt.  
Lets start with the large Pinwheel block. 

Out of the red and the dark blue colors, cut (56) 5 7/8″ squares in each color.

  Draw a diagonal line on the back of all the red blocks.

Place the red block (face down) on top of the blue block and pin. Do this for all the blocks. I find that if I pin it at the top and the bottom it holds the blocks together nicely.

Sew a line 1/4″ away from your diagonal line on each block. Once done with one side, turn around and sew along the other side as well.

Take your rotary scissors and cut on the diagonal line.

Press open each block. I like to press the seams open for pinwheels.

Once all of your blocks are pressed, layout 4 blocks in the pattern above.

Sew two blocks together and press open seams. Trim your “ears” off.

I like to keep my piles like this, it helps me keep track of all of my pieces and I already have it laid out for the block.

Now take your two pieces and pin together. I start out in the middle and line up my seams.

Sew and press open seams.

If you have your seams open, I find quilting is easier.

Now you have one block done. Make a total of 28 of these blocks.

Once you have finished the large blocks, move on to the Pinwheel in a Star block (I am not 100% sure of the real name of this block).

We will use the cream color for the background and in the little pinwheels. Cut (56) 3 3/8″ squares in the cream color.

Cut (112) 3″ squares in the cream color.

Cut (28) 6 1/4″ squares in the cream color.

Cut (56) 3 3/8″ squares out of the red color (Use the 7/8 yd piece).

Cut (112) 3 3/8″ squares out of your light blue color.

Lets start with the little pinwheels. Follow the same steps as the large pinwheel.

You will need 28 little pinwheels.

Now take your light blue squares and cut them in half diagonally. Yes, cut all 112 squares in half!

Then take your 6 1/4″ square and cut it in half diagonally.

Once you finished cutting it, rotate the square (line it back up) and cut it in half diagonally again. Or you can cut each triangle in half. Do whatever makes you more comfortable.

Take a light blue triangle and align the long side with one of the short sides of the cream triangle. You can pin it in place now if you like.

Sew 1/4″ away from the edge of the triangle.

Press open the triangles BEFORE you sew the second light blue triangle onto the other side.

Sew the second triangle on the other side like the first side. Then press open. Now you have 1 sidepiece for your star.

At this point I like to layout my block. Use the cream 3″ squares for the corners.

Sew together to make 3 columns.

Now pin the side columns to the centerpiece. I start by pinning the seams first, to make sure they line up correctly.

Press open. Now you have your little pinwheel in a star block done! You will need 28 total of these blocks.

Now layout all of your blocks in an alternating fashion. The layout will be 7×8. Sew the blocks together to make rows, and then sew the rows together. Make sure to press.

With your light blue fabric, cut 8 strips 3 1/2″ x WOF (width of fabric).

It doesn’t matter which side you sew on first, but this is the layout I chose. Sew 2 strips together to make 4 long strips.

Then take your charm packs and sew together a random pattern (or not) to make a long strip to make a second border for your quilt top. (Your row of charm packs will NOT line up perfectly. You will end up trimming a little bit off one of the charm pieces).

Once you have sewn on your second border and pressed, cut 9 strips of 4 1/2″x WOF out of the light blue fabric.

Once again layout your border however you like. Sew it on and press like you did your first border.

After all of that work, you will have one quilt top done!

Baste, quilt and bind as you desire.

One beautiful American Pinwheel Quilt measuring approximately 93″ x103″. It makes a nice queen size quilt or a smaller king size quilt.

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