Fabric Fortune Cookies

Hi it’s Megan from Brassy Apple. Give a little “fortune” to your guests at baby showers, receptions, holidays, dinner parties and MORE! They are even great to encourage the little ones as well!

1 Charm Pack
Fusible Fleece
White Ribbon
Wire (20-24 gauge)
E6000 Glue
Fabric Marker
Circle Template (4.5″ – 4.75″ wide)
paper “fortune” strips

color coordinating sequin

Step 1: Choose several squares from your charm pack for your fabric fortune cookies. Using fusible fleece, apply it per package directions to several squares in a grid formation. This helps to save time. We did 4-6 squares at a time.

Step 2: Create a circle template – 4.5″ – 4.75″ inches wide (You can easily create one using a small bowl or mug from your cupboard if necessary). Trace the template in the middle of each square and cut out.

OPTIONAL: Add a bit of glitz to the edge of your fortune cookies. Using a strand of sequins, apply it to the edge securing it in place with E6000 glue. Allow to dry.
Step 3: Cut a piece of wire that is just slightly shorter in length than the width of the circle. Cut a piece of ribbon the same length. Glue both in place with E6000 glue and allow to dry flat.

Step 4: Create and print out fortune paper strips. Choose the font, size and number of sayings you like. Place the paper strips in the middle of the fortune cookies.

Step 5: Fold the fabric circle in half and crease the middle to create the cookie shape.
Step 6: Placing a finger inside, “fluff” and shape the cookie to give it a rounded shape. And you are DONE!
Add a bit of the unexpected to your special events….

and the everyday….

42 fabric fortune cookies

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