Whirly Wheels Baby Quilt

Hello again my Moda Lovin’ Friends! I’m Bradie from A Quilty Kind of Girl and QuiltCetera.Com. I have been really looking forward to sharing this quilt with you here on the Bake Shop. I made a quilt just like this for my youngest son last year when he was born. It is super simple and goes together REALLY fast! Perfect for a baby shower or a toddler birthday. I made it slightly bigger than a crib size so the wee man wouldn’t outgrow it too soon. If you would like a kit to make your own Whirly Wheels quilt( <—– click here!!), The Fat Quarter Shop now has them available for purchase!

Here is what you’ll need….
One Frolic Jelly Roll
1.5 yard of wild rose for sashing, inner border, and binding
3/4 yard of sky floral print for outer border
3 yards backing fabric

OPTIONAL – 5 yards jumbo rick rack, sky blue

Begin by separating your jelly strips into their different colorways.

Group your fabrics in sets of three. Choose fabrics with good contrast, so they won’t blend into each other.
This is an example of poor contrast. Although the background fabric is different, the print will make these fabrics blend into each other. Choose different scales of print to really show the contrast.

These are my fabrics matched up in 12 sets of three. Once I have cut fabric for the first 12 blocks, I mix up my strips and choose fabrics for 8 more blocks. I want a total of 20 blocks for this quilt.

From your first set of three fabrics, do a pretend layout of the three fabrics to decide how you want to place them.

Once you decide which fabric will be the center mini pinwheel, cut four squares from this strip measuring 2.5 X 2.5 inches.

The other two fabrics from each set of three will be cut 2.5 X 4.5 inches.

This is the second fabric to be cut 2.5 X 4.5 inches.

Total cuts for a single block:
4 squares fabric one – 2.5 X 2.5 inches
4 rectangles fabric two – 4.5 X 2.5 inches
4 rectangles fabric three – 4.5 X 2.5 inches

Time to put a block together!
Mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of all four 2.5 inch squares.
(Now don’t get confused! I’ve gone and switched fabric on you here… you’ll learn why in a sec…)

Place the 2.5 inch squares, right sides facing, at one end of the rectangles. Make sure the outer edges are lined up. CHECK THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DIAGONAL LINE!! It will matter! (Any guesses about where my first fabrics went? In the OOPS pile!) Make sure the diagonal line matches the picture shown.

Sew directly on the marked line.(Keep the square on top so you can see where you need to sew!)

Once you have sewn the patches, trim the outer triangle, leaving a quarter inch. DO NOT cut to the inside of the stitching line!

Press all four of the seams towards the corner triangles.

Match each of the patches with the third fabric as shown. Sew together, with right sides facing.

Place the patches under your needle with the rectangle on the bottom. It is easier to manage the diagonal seam when it is on top. Press seams towards the rectangle.

Pair two of the patches and sew together as shown, to create a top and bottom row. Press the top center seam to the right. Press the bottom center seam to the left.

Pin the center seam and sew the two rows together. Press this final center seam open. Carry on making blocks until you have 20. Square your blocks to measure 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches.
Once you have all 20 blocks, play with the layout until you like the balance of colors. Oops! Are there only 19 blocks there? Wonder what happened to that last one… 😉

You will need 15 vertical sashing strips, each measuring 8.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

Sew your rows together with the sashing strips between the blocks. Press seams towards the sashing strips.

You will need to cut 6 vertical sashing strips measuring 38.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Set two aside for now.

Sew the five rows together with a horizontal sashing strip between. NOTE: This quilt is turned (just to confuse you of course!) So the “horizontal” strips are actually vertical in this pic.

Remember the sashing strips we set aside earlier? Grab them now! You will also need to cut 3 more sashing strips 2.5 inches by WOF. Sew all 3 together and cut TWO strips measuring 48.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Cut two pieces of jumbo rick rack 39.5 inches long. (No that is not a typo. Cut your rick rack a smidge longer. It will be easier this way.) Cut two more pieces of rick rack 49.5 inches long. Center the rick rack over your sashing strips and pin in place. Stitch to the sashing.
I chose to stitch on each side of the rick rack to really hold it down. You could also stitch straight up the center, which would allow the rick rack to be kind of floppy, especially after washing. This can be fun for baby to play with . 🙂

Once you have attached the rick rack to the sashing pieces, you can sew the 48.5 inch sashings to the long sides of the quilt. Cut 4 cornerstones 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches and attach to the ends of the 38.5 inch sashing strips. Attach the short sashings to the short sides of the quilt.
From the border fabric, cut 5 strips, 4.5 inches wide. Trim 2 strips to 4.5 inches by 38.5 inches. Attach to the top and bottom of quilt top. Sew the remaining 3 strips together. From this super long strip, cut TWO strips measuring 4.5 inches by 60 inches. Attach these two border strips to the left and right sides of the quilt top. Your quilt should finish at 50 inches by 60 inches.

Quilt as you like….
and add a baby to complete!

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