Crochet Clutch

I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet but never had anyone to show me the finer details of crocheting. I’ve made an effort from time to time. I could even do a simple stitch around a baby blanket but I could never quite figure out the crochet language in pattern books. Over the years I moved on to other things but kept wanting to come back to crocheting. I recently found that all I needed was someone to show me the way (thanks to my NZ Auntie). Like many of you, I’m a visual learner. It’s much easier to be shown than to read instructions. lol.

So, now that I’m really into crocheting I find that I keep losing my crochet hooks and that I really didn’t have a good place to keep them. They are really easy to misplace, especially with children around.

This Moda Bake Shop project is dedicated to all of you quilter’s and crafter’s who love to crochet.

  • 4 Fat Quarters of your choice. ( I used Moda’s “Make Life” by Sweetwater)
  • 7″ Zipper to match your fabric choice
  • 1/2″ Magnetic Snap by Dritz
  • Heavy Clear Plastic (I bought mine in the fabric section at Walmart)
  • 1 1/4″ D-Ring by Dritz for purse handle (optional)

  • Crocheted Flower to match your color scheme.
  • 7/8″ Covered Button Kit (by Dritz) to make a matching covered button for the center of the flower.

Please Note: I’m sorry that I don’t speak crochet language well enough to help you with the flower but there are lots of tutorials available on the internet for help in making crocheted flowers. There are also many wonderful Crochet books available, too. I may decide, at some point to post a video tutorial on my blog of the flower I made, if anyone is interested.

Step One:Download the Pattern

1. Print the pattern and use it to make the curve for the flap on the Crochet Clutch.

Step Two:
Cutting Out the Fabric Pieces

Here’s a picture of the pieces you’ll need to make the Crochet Clutch (except the optional handle which you find at the end).

1. Cut One rectangle measuring 9″ x 18″ out of each of the following items:

  • One piece of Heavyweight Fusible Interfacing
  • One piece of Cotton Batting
  • One piece of Fabric for inside of clutch
  • One piece of Fabric for outside of clutch

2. Stack all four layers (two fabrics, 1 batting, 1 fusible interfacing) and then place the curved pattern piece on the top of the stack, making sure to line up the sides and butt the pattern up to the top edge of your stack. Note: if your fabric has writing or a directional print please make sure that it is facing up on the outside and inside of bag.

3. Trace the curve for the top flap with a pencil. Cut along the pencil line.

4. Draw a gentle curve for the bottom two corners of the crochet clutch. Cut along the pencil line.

Step Three:
Making the Zippered Pocket

  • Cut 4 pieces measuring 1 1/2″ x 9″ (zipper sides)
  • Cut 2 pieces measuring 2″ x 4″ (zipper ends)

1. Take the two pieces that measure 2″ x 4″ and fold in half. Finger press.

2. Open the fabric and place the pressed line in the fabric close to the zipper end. Sew along the pressed line. Repeat for the opposite end of zipper. Center the zipper within 9″ on the cutting mat and trim off the excess.

3. Now take two of the four pieces that measure 1 1/2″ x 9″ and with right sides together place a strip of fabric on the top and bottom of one side of the zipper. Use your zipper foot to sew a seam close to the zipper opening. Press the seams open.

4. Repeat for the opposite side of zipper. (See photo below)

5. With the zipper pull facing to your right fold the length of the top fabric piece in toward the zipper about 3/8″ then press. Repeat for the bottom fabric piece.

6. Slip the 9″ (length) x 7″ (width) piece of mid to heavy weight plastic in between the two pressed fabric pieces. Now sew a seam close to the edge of fabric thus securing the plastic in place.

Step Four:
Making the Crochet Hook Pocket (*CHP)
  • Cut One piece of fabric measuring 9″ x 8 3/4″ then fold in half so the width remains 9″ and the height will be be 4 3/8″
  • Cut one biased piece of striped fabric measuring 2 1/2″ x 9″ fold in half lengthwise and the fold the ends in once again. Press.

1. Insert the folded edge of the *CHP inside the bias pocket binding. Sew close to the edge of the binding to secure the pocket in place.

2. Now measure 4″ and fold the raw edges inward. Press. This is where the other side of plastic will be sewn and secured into place.

Step Five:
Making the Pin & Needle Keeper
  • Cut one piece of matching wool or felt measuring 3 1/2″ x 7″

1. Pin pattern on wool/felt then cut out.

2. Take the 9″ x 18″ inside piece of fabric and the 9″x 18″ piece of batting and place the batting on the wrong side of the fabric.

3. Measure down 4″ from the top. Center and line up the bottom edge of wool/felt right at or barely above what will become the fold line on the flap of the clutch.

4. Sew the wool/felt in place.

5. Use matching Ric Rac or other trim and then sew it around the outside edge of wool/felt piece.

Step Six:
Putting the Pieces Together

The left fabric piece (as seen below) is the front of the crochet clutch with the fusible interfacing ironed to the wrong side of fabric and the right fabric piece is the inside of the Crochet Clutch with the batting on the wrong side of fabric.

1. On the inside piece of fabric in addition to the wool/felt pin keeper you will add the *CHP and the zippered pocket.

2. First measure down from the top 7″ and place your *CHP.

3. Next, place the zippered pocket on top of the inside fabric with the zipper at the bottom of the clutch with the plastic facing up toward the *CHP. There should be plenty of plastic to insert in the opening at the pressed bottom of the *CHP. Trim off any plastic excess to within 1/2″ of where you will sew the seam to secure the plastic.

4. Now sew the *CHP seam to secure the pocket on the fabric and the batting.

Step Seven:
Attaching the Magnetic Clasp

1. You will want to attach the top magnetic clasps before you sew the front and back together.

2. The top clasp is attached to the top of the inside of Crochet Clutch.

(Back view of magnetic clasp)

(Front view of magnetic clasp)

3. Now place the front and back with wrong sides together. Pin the layers around the top half.

4. The bottom clasp is attached to the outside fabric at the bottom of the Crochet Clutch.

5. Make sure to lift up the bottom of the inside fabric to expose the batting, the fusible interfacing and fabric for the outside of crochet clutch.

6. Fold your bag to check for placement of magnetic clip. Mark the spot with a pencil.

7. Attach magnetic clip. Use a straight edge to cut small holes to insert the prongs.

(Inside view of the front of crochet clutch)

(Close up: Back View of Magnetic Clasp)

Step Eight:
Making the Optional Handle
  • Cut one strip of fabric 22″ x 5″
  • Cut one strip of cotton batting 22″ x 5″

1. Fold fabric in half lengthwise. Press.

2. Fold raw edges into the center seam. Press

3. Open folds and insert the cotton batting. Refold.

4. Sew a seam close to the outside edge on both sides of the strap.

5. Sew a second seam a 1/4″ inside of each seam that you’ve just sewn.

6. Cut a 17″ length for the handle.

7. Cut a 1 1/2″ length to attach the D-Ring to the Clutch.

8. Fold the 1 1/2″ length in half making sure the D-Ring is inside the fold. Attach by sewing to the back of the outside of clutch. See placement below. Make sure to do this before finishing off the binding.

Step Nine:
Binding and Finishing
  • Cut 60″ of bias binding for the perimeter of the Crochet Clutch

1. After attaching the clasp, fold the fabric back in place and finish pinning around the perimeter of the crochet clutch.

2. Sew around the perimeter using a longer stitch length to secure everything in place.

3. Attach your bias binding on the inside of the crochet clutch. Make sure to include the optional handle at this point (see instructions for the handle in part nine).

4. Press the binding outward making sure not to iron the plastic.

5. Sew the binding by hand to finish it off.

Step Ten:
Grab your Crochet Clutch you’re ready to Crochet.

One Crochet Clutch with Optional Handle

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