Bunny Eggs

Create some pretty bunny eggs that you can use year after year in your home decor for Easter.  This is a great project to do with your kids, grandkids, etc.  Adult supervision may be required.

1 Honey Bun – featured Verna by Kate Spain
Mod Podge
Paper Mache Eggs or Styrofoam eggs
Large paint brush
Plastic table cover (one you can throw away)

1. Put all your eggs in one basket or bowl for easy access.  The next steps can get very messy so this is very helpful when you are in the middle of it.  I used two different size eggs.  Jumbo Eggs and regular size.

2. On the Jumbo eggs… apply a coat of Mod Podge in an area and then apply a honey bun strip on the coated area.

3. Working around the egg, continue to apply the Mod Podge, then a strip of fabric, then more Mod Podge on top to help seal the fabric on the egg.

4. Continue adding strips wrapped around the egg until all the egg is covered.  In the end you have some very colorful Jumbo eggs.

5. For the smaller eggs, cut the honey bun strip into 1/2″ sections for easy application.

6. Following the instructions above, apply Mod Podge, then a fabric strip, then Mod Podge again on top of the fabric. 
7. Continue until the egg is completely covered.  Please note… adult supervision may be required. 🙂
Beautifully decorating fabric bunny eggs to decorate your house with.
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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