Gobble Gobble Table Topper and Table Runner

This tutorial makes one Table Runner that measures 17 x 40 inches, and one Table Topper that measures 32 x 32 inches square. I’ve always loved scalloped edges so I decided to give it a try, and it was actually easier than I had anticipated. I love fall decorations like this because you can leave it out for 2 or three months!

Gobble Gobble Layer Cake

Borders – Brown – 1/4 yard of coordinating fabric
Cream – 1 yard of coordinating fabric

Bias Binding – I purchased 3/4 yards of coordinating fabric for this but I’m sure you could get away with less. I know there are tricks to getting away with way less, but I just cut them into strips on the bias and stitched them together, even then there was a lot left over.

Back – 1 1/2 yards of coordinating fabric
Batting – 1 1/2 yards (I used a 45″ batting similar to warm and natural.)

Step 1 – Pick 14 of your favorite pieces from the layer cake and cut them each into three, 3 1/4 inch strips. If I had to do it over again I probably would have used more of the layer cake squares and not worried so much about wasting them. I would definitely consider cutting up 2 or 3 more squares.

Step 2 – Once you have cut each of your 14 squares into 3 1/4 inch strips place them in piles of three, with each pile having three different pieces.

Step 3 – Sew each pile of three strips together.

Step 4 – Cut into three 3 1/4 inch strips like shown.

Step 5 – Arrange your strips on your floor or a big table how you want them too look. I didn’t want any pattern at all. I tried to make sure that no two fabrics that had the same design were by each other. For the table runner you will need to arrange twelve squares by 3 squares for a total of 36 squares.

For the Table Topper you want to arrange 9 squares by 9 squares for a total of 81 squares.
Sew together a row at a time and then sew your rows together, always pinning at each seam.

Step 6 – BORDERS – First sew on two brown 1 1/4 inch borders on the opposite ends. Cut off even with the square blocks, then add the two long borders to the top and bottom and cut off any excess.

Step 7 – For the cream borders, cut into 5″ strips, and sew on the same way as the brown. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on your table topper also.

This is how the Table Runner and Table Topper should look with the borders sewn on.

Step 8 – Note: If you decided to have your topper and runner quilted draw on your scallops before hand so the quilter knows where to quilt.

I think everyone has a different way of doing this because everyone gave me completely different advice. Sooooo here is what worked for me.

First off draw a straight line in about one inch from the edges of your cream border all around the topper and runner. This is so the tops of your scallops are even. It would also be smart to draw a line where the down point of each scallop will be.

I used a plastic lid as my template. I tried many different sizes and the one that worked the best for me was a 5 1/2″ round lid. I first did my corners and then the four scallops in the middle and then tried to space out the rest from there. Overlapping your scallops will help a ton when it comes to getting them all even. And believe me I didn’t used a black sharpie at first. I only drew over my disappearing marker with a sharpie when I new that my scallops were exactly where I wanted them to be.

Step 9 – Sew around the scallops and then cut out close to your seam. Sewing around it first will make it much easier to bind.

Step 10 – Make your bias binding. If you have never done this before you will need to cut 1 1/2 inch wide strips of fabric on the bias line on your cutting mat. Sew strips together end to end. You will need approx 7 – 8 yards of bias binding. Make your bias binding by first ironing strip in half. Unfold and iron one side half way into the the crease you made previously.

Step 11 – Now the fun part, sewing it on. Sew the raw edge of your bias tape with right sides of fabric together onto the topper or runner. Start in the middle of one of your scallops and line up the edges. I used 1/4 inch seam allowance and lined up the edges as I sewed.

When you get to the corner, keep your needle down but put your presser foot up. Turn topper or runner so the fabric is parallel with your presser foot.

Stretch the two scallops away from each other making it as straight as you can. Put your presser foot down (still stretching the two scallops apart) and continue sewing.

Step 12 – For me this is the fun part. After your border is sewn onto the top, turn your piece around and stitch the back of binding on by hand. When you get to one of the inside points of the scallop just pull the binding up into the scallop and stitch.

A fun new Table Topper and Table Runner to make your Fall Holidays a little more cozy!

If you’d like some ideas of what to do with some of your left over pieces of Gobble Gobble fabric visit my blog by clicking here.

20 comments on “Gobble Gobble Table Topper and Table Runner

  1. Martina says:

    Thanks so much for this project! It looks so cute and I just love the colours and the scalops! Really, really nice!

  2. Blue Is Bleu says:

    Wonderful table toppers, especially with the scalloped edges! I've made a few table runners with the Gobble Gobble line… I think it's such a gorgeous line!

  3. Fiesta says:

    Is there a PDF format for this set?

  4. Simplesmente maravilhoso!!!!
    Maria Filomena

  5. Vicky says:

    Love it, love it!!

  6. Julia says:

    This is so cute. But I'm soooo intimidated by the scalloped binding!! I'm not sure if I can do it! I just barely took my first binding class…

  7. Donna says:

    One of the prettiest projects I've seen. Just gorgeous! Think I'm going to have to try those scallops!

  8. Quilt Hollow says:

    Wonderful toppers!! I love those who share!

  9. mariaerba says:

    grazie per questo progetto..
    mi piace molto…
    ciao maria

  10. happy zombie says:

    Oh sew beautiful… and I love the scallops!

  11. Jeni says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I knew a few weeks ago on your blog I saw something neat on that dresser of yours….thanks for sharing. Now I need some courage for a scalloped edge…but it sure makes the project stand out.

  12. Felicia says:

    I just LOVE the scallops. I can't wait to get my hands on some of this fabric…

  13. miss~nance says:

    Love the scallop edge – never have been quite game enough to try one though.


  14. V and Co. says:

    oh those scallops! love em!

  15. We loved making this during Camp Week!!

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