Garden Fresh Fabric Tomatoes

it all started when my friends were talking about making salsa. that’s when i decided to make my own harvest of tomatoes (since i didn’t plant any in my garden this year).

i’ve made a bigger version to make pumpkins check out my blog for instructions.

one layer cake of simple abundance
(and one charm pack of simple abundance optional)

buttons, hot glue gun

first you will need to make a circle. you can use the template (to be found at the end of the instructions) or you can use a bowl with the width of 8 inches.
draw a circle with a fabric marker or a pencil
cut out your circle.
i wanted red, yellow, and green tomatoes (um hello, fried green tomatoes?!) so i picked out a few of each color.
you are going to to a running stitch around your whole circle.
once you have done a running stitch around the whole circle gently pull on your string’s end.
and do so till your circle is almost closed up. make sure you leave enough of an opening so that you can do the next step.
stuff your tomato, i like “cluster stuff” (i got mine at walmart)
gently pull your thread to shut the tomato base. and tie a knot.
now this is optional.
if you want different tomato tops (the leaves) then get yourself a charm pack.

take out your four green squares.

if you do not have a charm pack make sure you pull aside one green layer cake block. and cut in four.
fold in half your charm square. and using the template (make sure it downloads to the right size. template can be found on the same page as the tomato circle at the end of these instructions.)
trace two tomato tops. side by side.
with your sewing machine (while your square is still folded in half) sew on top of your traced lines of the leaves.
cut out your leaf and turn around. the marking should be on the bottom so that you can not see your marker or pencil line.
now if you want the easy way out.
get your hot glue gun and glue the top on.
this is an option.
no one will think any less of you trust me, because it still looks cute.
or if you want the extra steps, get yourself a button and green thread to attach your top on the tomato.
start by pulling the needle through the top all the way through the tomato.
place your button on the bottom and sew up through your tomato.
and gently pull on your thread. this will kind of squish your tomato in the middle.
do this a few times to secure it nicely.
to finish your sewing the top, knot under the leaf so that you don’t see your knot.
to secure it even better, i put a few dabs of hot glue under the leaves.
and now you have a super cute tomato.
one layer cake will make a few tomatoes, but make sure you leave out one green square at least to make 8 leaves.

pdf file download for tomato and top
(make sure you enlarge it to 100%)

instructions and pictures by Vanessa of V and Co.
hope you liked em!

19 comments on “Garden Fresh Fabric Tomatoes

  1. Dolci Fusa says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Dolci Fusa says:

    Cute tutorial,
    but I cannot download the pdf file of the templates…

  3. Dear Vanessa, the tutorial is the very best pretty, but not allow me to download the pdf.

  4. Sara says:

    I love this fabrics!!!I have it!!

  5. boysmum2 says:

    What a cute thing to do

  6. Cute but I can't download the file.

  7. jaybird says:

    so cute V!! you know i'm gonna make these… just not till market is over!

  8. adorable.
    as always.

    you're my hero.

  9. Regina says:

    Lindos tomates..amei..seu blog é de muito bom gosto e delicadeza..
    Sou sua mais nova seguidora.
    Uma semana abençoada!
    Bjks Regina 🙂

  10. V and Co. says:

    the pdf file has been fixed. there shouldn't be any more problems with it! (i hope!)
    i just figured this out last night around 10 pm so i'm new at it!!! 😉

  11. happy zombie says:

    Holy tomato! How stinkin' cute, Vanessa!

  12. Super cute. They could be fuji persimmons too if they were orange!

  13. amy smart says:

    So cute, V! I need to get my hands on some of those Simple Abundance charm packs! 😉

  14. Delicious!!! Thank you!!!

  15. Becky says:

    Love it! Much too cute!

  16. i love these! they are so darling…and seem doable for the amateuar sewer link myself.

    linked this post on my blog today. too good not to share.

  17. amylouwho says:

    I LOVE cluster stuff – no lumps!!

    So cute!

  18. Vanessa, Thanks so much for the tutorial! I used it and posted my results on my blog! So much fun to make!!!

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