Ribbon Blanket and Block

I thought this would make such a cute gift for a new baby. I’ve never had one for any of my babies, (and wouldn’t you know it I’m having a boy so this cute girly one won’t work) but I’ve heard babies just love them. Both are easy and quick to make. Ribbon blanket measures approx. 18 1/2″ square, block is about 4″ square.


6 squares from Hushabye charm pack by Tula Pink.
6 Five inch squares of thin batting (I used Warm and Natural).
12 pieces of different ribbons cut into 5″-6″ pieces.
Your favorite fiber fill or stuffing to fill the finished block.

Ribbon Blanket
16 squares from Hushabye Charm pack by Tula Pink.
1 – 20″ piece of thin batting (I used Warm and Natural).
1 – 20″ coordinating piece of minky fabric.
12 – 16 pieces of different ribbon, cut into 5″ – 6″ pieces.


Step One –
Pick 6 – 5″ square pieces from your Hushabye charm pack.
Cut 6 – 5″ squares from batting
Cut 12 ribbons into 5″ – 6″ pieces.

Step 2 – Layer pieces for sewing. Layer batting, fabric, ribbon pinned in the center, fabric (right sides facing together on fabric pieces), batting and pin.

Step 3 – Measure in 1/2″ on all corners of batting and make a mark. This will need to be done to all pieces of batting.

Step 4 – Starting on the side of the fabric stack that you pinned, start sewing at the 1/2″ mark using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Sew until you get to the next 1/2″ mark on the same side.

Step 5 – Follow steps 2 through five until you have sewn four 5″ squares together with the ribbon pinned in the middle.

Step 5 – Sew the 1st and 4th squares together. Below is how it should look when this is done.

Step 6 – Pin ribbon onto top and bottom of block. Four on the top and four on the bottom.

Step 7 – Open top left corner at the 1/2 mark and pin on 5″ fabric piece and 5″ piece of batting. Next do the same at the top right corner, also pin again where the ribbon is.

Sew across the top starting and stopping at the 1/2″ marks. Next, pin the bottom the same way and sew, and then repeat process on the sides.

It should look similar to this on the corners. Repeat step 7 for the bottom of the block. Be sure to leave a 3″ opening on one of the seams on the bottom so that you can turn the block right side out. Use your favorite type of stuffing and fill block, then hand stitch the opening on the bottom closed.

Ribbon Blanket

Step 1 – Pick 16 of your favorite squares from your charm pack and lay them out how you want them to look.

Step 2 – Sew together one strip at a time, then sew strips together pining at the seams.

Step 3 – Once all blocks are sewn together start pining the ribbon on the out side of the block in the center. On the corners I only used one ribbon, but it would look cute with two also.

Step 4 – Cut your minky fabric and batting to match the size of the top of your blanket. Place right sides of minky fabric and the top of your ribbon blanket together pinning on the seams. Sew around entire blanket leaving about a 4 – 5″ opening on one of the sides so you can turn it right side out.

Step 5 – Using one of your favorite stitches on your machine sew around the entire ribbon blanket, using about 1/2″ seam allowance. I’m not sure I would choose the stitch I used again. You really have to pull the fabric through the machine, and it was hard to make this stitch look uniform.

And ta da, your finished.

A very cute ribbon blanket and ribbon block for your very favorite baby. If you’d like to make one of these for yourself, be sure and come visit my blog. I’m having a giveaway for a free Hushabye Charm pack and enough ribbon and batting to make your very own block or. I think I’ll throw in another surprise charm pack as well. I also have another fun Halloween giveaway going on right now you’ll have to check out.

26 comments on “Ribbon Blanket and Block

  1. Donna says:

    This is so cute. One of my daughter's friends made her a similar one for her little guy. You make it look so easy, I just have to try it!

  2. DeeDee says:

    Very Cute and what a great tutorial…thanks..

  3. Anne says:

    What a great idea! And a very nice tutorial… Thanks!

  4. Jackie says:

    What a terrific idea! It would make a great baby shower gift.

  5. onlymehere says:

    Dang, the quilt's much smaller than I thought. I definitely am going to make the block though! Too cute and fun. I love the fabric.

  6. Debi says:

    This is so lovely, I think I might even manage it with my basic skills, just as well I have until January when my baby is due!

  7. I LOVE the block!! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  8. allsewnup says:

    I've been wanting to try these blocks, now I have an excuse. One new baby and another due next month { not mine…friends that are becoming first time grandparents}
    Thanks for the tutorial


  9. Laura says:

    Testimonial: My son had a ribbon blanket (not this cute, more functional) and he LOVED it. Plus it's really good for helping babies develop their pincer grasp. I may have to try this out to send to my new niece.

  10. Katie B. says:

    Adorable! I made my son a ribbon blanket out of all minky fabric. He loves it, but it's not as cute as this one!

  11. ~Q~ says:

    Adorable! I will be making one very soon for my soon to be born nephew as it will be a great welcoming home gift. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  12. Ohhhh Sooo Sweet! I know a baby girl that has her room decorated in Hushabye. I guess i'd better get busy making her these cuties! Thanks!

  13. jaybird says:

    how cute!! ..if only i had a little one to make it for!

  14. I love this, especially the blocks. I want to make them for baby gifts for sure!

  15. Jeni says:

    I have not seen anything like this before…you have a hit here! Very very cute. I am thinking a holiday themed one would be fun.

  16. I live in Utah which is also nicknamed “Baby Central”. I have never seen the block with the ribbons before. Cute, Cute, Cute.

    Abbey Lane Quilts

    p.s. I am told that babies really do love those tiny little ribbon blankets.

  17. Cloudmom says:

    Our parents in our program love these blankets for the babies! Just double check the ribbon doesn't have wire.

  18. Jeanette says:

    I love this pattern so much This is my first Blog looking forward to joining more often.This might also inspire my girlfriend to make her expecting daughter a quilt I am going to try the block as a gift for the baby might even make a couple

  19. Melanie says:

    Awesome! I made a block w/o batting and tufted it instead. Check it out

    HOWEVER, the ribbons should not be longer than 2″ Finished because babies can gag on them if they are too long. They love ribbons and will shove them way into their mouths… 🙂

  20. ~Q~ says:

    Thanks so much for the clarification! It makes so much more sense now. 🙂 I printed it out and will be trying it out soon.

  21. Kari says:

    How to I purchase the fabric you used?

  22. lightingtheweb says:

    great project.

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