Turning Corners Table Runner

I am so excited to be one of the Moda Bake Shop’s latest designers! I’m John and I blog at http://www.quiltdad.com/. This is my first project for the Bake Shop, but hopefully not my last!
This tutorial is for a very versatile table runner pattern. I don’t know about you, but I like my table runners to be l-o-n-g. (I just think they’re more dramatic that way.) This pattern will yield a table runner that’s approximately 6 feet long! The great thing about this pattern, however, is that you can split the blocks into two shorter table runners, or a 36″ square table topper. Any format you choose is sure to be a stunner!
OK, so let’s get started …

  • 1 Moda Honey Bun — I used Deb Strain’s “Fresh” (note: you will need 36 honey bun strips, so be sure your honey bun has at least that many)
  • 1.25 yards of a backing fabric
  • 0.5 yards of a binding fabric
Step 1:
Separate your honey bun strips into four sets of 9 strips apiece. Because they followed the colors of the rainbow, the fabrics I selected separated nicely into red/orange/yellow strips, and blue/green strips. You might also group the strips by lights and darks, by colorways, or by tone. They key is to look for similar tones within each strip set, but contrast between them.
Step 2:
Sew your strip sets together. Press seams (I press mine to one side). You should have four strip sets of 9 strips apiece, and the strip set should measure approximately 9.5″ wide.

Step 3:
From each strip set, cut four blocks measuring 9.5″. Square up your blocks to 9.5″ square each. You should have 16 total blocks. Separate them out into two piles, each containing 8 blocks. Here is where you will separate the blocks by contrasting colors, tones, colorways, etc.

Step 4:
Line up all of the blocks so that the strips are running horizontally, from right to left. From the first pile of 8 blocks, cut each along the 45 degree diagonal line from the block’s bottom left corner to the top right corner.

From the second pile of 8 blocks, and this is important, cut each on the diagonal from the top left to the bottom right of the block. Don’t cut all 16 blocks the same way — 8 have to be cut on one diagonal, and the other 8 have to be cut the opposite way.

See the picture for a visual explanation:

When you swap half of one block with half of the other, the strips from each should line up to form a 90 degree angle, like so:

And now you know why I named this the “Turning Corners” table runner!

Step 5:
Sew the blocks back together. Each new block should contain half from your first pile, and half from your second pile. Be sure to line up seams so that the strips match up when they “turn the corner” — pin them if that is your preferred method.

Square up your blocks again. They should square up to about 9″. If yours are a little smaller or a little larger, that’s OK … as long as you square them all up to be the same size.

Step 6:
Now for the fun part. Audition different layouts for your blocks. The contrast you created will let you create stripes …

… or diamonds …

… or pinwheels. I decided on pinwheels.

Step 7:
Sew all of your blocks together. For the full table runner, lay them out 2 blocks wide by 8 blocks long. To make two shorter table runners, lay each out in a 2 x 4 block format. For a square table topper, lay the blocks out in a 4 x 4 grid.

Step 8:
Baste, quilt, and bind as desired. I free-motion quilted mine with a meandering stipple pattern.

A beautiful new addition to your decor, or a perfect hostess or holiday gift!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you make one, I’d love to see it! And be sure to add it to the MBS Flickr pool.

43 comments on “Turning Corners Table Runner

  1. Hillary says:

    John that's Fantastic! I love the honeybun pinwheels! And fresh works really well with it's color contrast! You've got such fun ideas I hope we get to see lots more of you here!

  2. john!!!
    welcome to the mbs family!!!

    this table runner is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!

  3. Kim says:

    I love the bright happy colors of your table runner and can see your same method using a lot of different Moda collections. Thanks for the versatile pattern. I love it!

  4. Kelly O. says:

    oh the fabulousness!!
    John I just love your style and “fresh” look! πŸ™‚

  5. Audrey says:

    That is amazing!! Found your blog through P.S. I Quilt! Your tutorials are amazing and one day, when I have time, I will try some of them too!!

  6. Julie says:

    This is really bright and wonderful. I went to check out your blog I love the grapic blocks you make. Very fun!

  7. I love this so much it hurts!! Thanks for the tutorial and I'm so excited to try one!

  8. Martina says:

    This is so pretty! Just love it!

  9. First, I'm impressed that you quilt. Second, I think the runner is fabulous and you have great directions. Way to go!!

  10. Sheri Howard says:

    Hi John, welcome to the group. Such a fun tutorial, and I love your blog….plus the fact that you made my drawstring bag!!! Fun to see men sewing and quilting nowdays…you know they used to do it all the time! Congrats!

  11. What a cheerful and fun addition to the kitchen table! Fabulous tutorial too!


  12. Trisha says:

    Love it! Great pattern and I love the bright, cheerful fabric you chose.

  13. Sequana says:

    What a great project, John. And you even put in a step that I can mess up easily….*L*….the one with different directions to cut the angles.

    Sure is pretty tho with your choice of fabrics. I have a Zippity Doo Dah HB here that I might try this with.

  14. Heather says:

    I love this!! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  15. Way to go John! That is an awesome pattern! I love the colors too. Hope to see more from you.

  16. madrekarin says:

    That just beautiful, John! Adding this one to my list of Must-be-mades!

  17. Brenis says:

    JOhn, this is a wonderful tutorial! Thank you for all the pictures and step by steps! You ROCK! πŸ˜€

  18. Lee says:

    I hope this isn't your last post too! Great, clear instructions for an awesome project. Thx!

  19. jabeybaby says:

    I love this tablerunner, and you make it look so simple to do!

  20. Cynthia says:

    I love it, I really, really love it!

  21. Busty LaRue says:

    This has been added to the top of my must-sew/quilt list. What a fun pattern!! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  22. CJ says:

    Looks great! I have a really long table but it is also narrow. Trying to figure out how wide this is. Welcome to MBS, I'm sure you'll be back.

  23. miss~nance says:

    This is simply STUNNING. You have used my current favourite range. I also love this technique of cutting and turning.

    This is one tablerunner that I willbe making, just need to get me a honey bun, good excuse to purchase one.


  24. Holley says:

    I love it! I want to do a table runner for our new house and I think this is it!

  25. jaybird says:

    looks great john!! but then again i'd expect nothing less! i like the square topper idea.. hmmm

  26. Katherine says:

    Thanks, John
    VERY NICE! I think this would be perfect for Christmas gifts.

  27. Nicole says:

    Love your table runner. I just checked out your blog and love your projects. Congrats on being featured, can't wait to see more!

  28. Ryan says:

    Yay John! Way to go! You make us quilt guys proud!

  29. Rose says:

    Wow, great tutorial!! Love it, and you make me wish my husband quilted, he just doesn't understand!!

  30. Shari says:

    Congratulations John! This is a great tutorial. I wonder how this would work with Christmas fabrics… and I like a good-sized table runner. Otherwise it looks like a pot holder (LOL).
    Cheers! Shari

  31. Sandy says:

    Wow, I love it and will be trying to make it! Congratulations, John…what an accomplishment! Great, simple directions…something I love!

  32. jen duncan says:

    Cute pattern and such bright and fun fabric. Welcome to the MBS!

  33. happy zombie says:

    It's BEAUTIFUL! I love how you grouped the colors too. Your photography and styling is beautiful!

  34. dotti white says:

    John….that is beautiful!! You did an awesome job! I look forward to more!!!

  35. V and Co. says:

    great job john! and those colors are are *POW*!

  36. Marilyn says:

    Congrats, John!!
    Great tutorial and super fun table runner–I may have to give this a try:)

  37. Jackie says:

    Great table runner! Great tutorial, looking forward to seeing more from you!

  38. I just want to say that this is my very favorite blog site. You always have creative and wonderful patterns and recipes. Good job everyone! I love it and look forward to checking your site everyday!

    Thank you

  39. amandajean says:

    what a great tutorial! that is a beautiful and fresh table runner. i love it!!!! what a well written tutorial.

  40. Keri says:

    I absolutely love it! It makes me want to have summer all over again. Great Job!!!

  41. Kimberly says:

    Congrats John on your first MBS tutorial! And what a fabulous one it is! Excellent job.

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