Fabric Frame Tutorial

1 patisserie honey bun.
wooden 4×6 picture frame. {not plastic or metal.}
elmer’s glue-all multi purpose glue. {mod podge works just as well.}
foam craft brush.

decorative ribbons, selvages &/or buttons.

pick out 4 of your fav prints from your honey bun.
{this is a teacher’s gift, so i chose the 2 map-ish ones along with 2 that coordinated.}

cut your 4 honey bun strips in half.
{i cut mine right on the fold.}

now it’s time to prep your frame.
i cleaned mine with some lysol all purpose cleaner.
make sure you let it dry really well.

pour your glue {or mod podge} in a bowl.
trust me it’s much easier this way.
{and a wet wash cloth is very handy to have near by.}

start by brushing on some glue.
it’s okay to be liberal because you want the fabric to stick.
just don’t goop it like crazy and you’ll be fine.

place the end of your strip on the back side of the frame.

you’ll need to hold the end while you start to wrap the strip around.

and just keep wrapping.
make sure that you are wrapping the fabric tight up against the wood.
if you don’t the glass and frame backing won’t fit properly.

and don’t be intimidated by the corners.
just add some extra glue on the folds.

when you come to the end of your strip just overlap to the next one.
and make sure that the end of the 1st strip ends up on the back side.
{you might have to trim it like i did.}

at this point you might be thinking, “why am i doing this to my fabric???”
please trust me that once it’s dry you’ll ♥ it.

just continue wrapping until your whole frame is done.
take your wet wash cloth and rub it gently over the whole thing.
this is to make sure there isn’t a big dot of glue somewhere.

this is important:
before your glue/fabric dries, you need to fit the glass into the frame.
this will ensure that your glass & the frame backing will fit back in correctly.

set the frame aside for it to dry completely.
mine only took about 20 minutes because i set it out in the sun.

while your frame dries, go ahead and get your pic ready.
in this case i made up a little quote pic for jackson’s teacher.

and after your pic is ready if you’re still waiting for the frame to dry…
you can whip up one of these…

you can transform aluminum cans into cute holders by doing the same thing!!!
it’s SUPER quick to do. and easy peasy.

and don’t stop at those honey bun strips!!!
{i knew i was keeping all those moda decorative ribbons for a reason.}

and now…the moment you’ve been waiting for…
once your frame is completely dry, assemble it all together…

and voila…you have just made your very own fabric frame!!!
pure cuteness huh???

these little quote frames & pencil holders make the perfect gifts for teachers.
{and quilty pals.}

but don’t forget to make some for your family pics!!!
cute, cute, cute!!!

p.s. i quilt

67 comments on “Fabric Frame Tutorial

  1. Tiff says:

    What a neat idea!! I am going to show my daughter how to do those. She would enjoy that!

  2. thanks again yall for all the lovely comments.

    and michelle…
    most of the time, my projects are “see a need, fill a need” based.
    and then other times i’m just inspired…by alot of things and alot of people.

  3. Anne says:

    doubling my chances…hope it works. very cute stuff btw!

  4. Lisa says:

    What a great idea Rachel! Your frame is adorable!!

  5. Bugzmommy says:

    I LOVE this recipe!!! This is exactly what I needed. Next week is teacher appreciation week so me and my daughter will work on this over the weekend to give to her teachers!

  6. Molly says:

    Yay Rachel! Love this!!

  7. Aimee says:

    Great idea! I love the matching pencil holder!

  8. Dionne says:

    These are SO awesome! Not only fun for me, but something I can do with my kids as well!

  9. Brilliant tutorial Rachel – I’ll be making a few of these!
    Best wishes,

  10. jabeybaby says:

    I love this frame idea, so cute!!

  11. Amanda says:

    Way to go Rachel!!! I love these!

  12. SandyN says:

    How cute. Anyone can make it as a gift. What a great idea. Blessings

  13. Great idea! I have a ton of old frames I was preparing to give to Good Will. I think I will save a few for this project! 🙂 Thanks!

  14. thanks again for all the sweet comments yall.

  15. Micki says:

    I absolutely love this project and I'm so glad I found the tutorial last week! I hope it's okay, but I posted a link to it on my blog after using it. Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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