Sugar Cube Pincushion

Moda charm pack – choose 6 charm squares, Moda jelly roll strips/scraps, or Moda scrapbag strips
2 inch square english paper pieces by paper
upholstery thread
silk thread
Doll makers needle

6 buttons that coordinate with fabric

Choose 6 fabrics and cut a 2.5 inch square. Your 2 inch paper piece will fit perfectly.
Baste the paper pieces to the wrong side of the fabric. The type or color of thread doesn’t matter as you will be removing them at the end of the piecing. I do not ‘knot’ the thread at the end…just overlap the basting stitch. This allows me to pull the thread more easily once the squares are sewn together.
After you have them all basted lay them out in a pleasing arrangement.
Taking 2 squares right sides together begin to whip stitch the edges. Here I do knot the thread and I use silk thread to help hide my stitches.
This is the how the piece should look….
Then you stitch the sides together…it is necessary to remove the center square paper to allow you to fold the piece to align the squares right sides together for stitching. As you stitch the sides and a ‘square’ is sewn completely you can remove that paper to give even more flexibility.

Leave one opening for turning and stuffing. This is before all the paper pieces are removed.

Here they are removed and the pincushion is turned for stuffing. Once you stuff it, whip stitch opening closed…again with silk thread if you have it. I use a doll makers needle for sewing the buttons since they are longer and studier but still go through the button holes.

I made 3 sugar cubes…they’re addicting!…the top one is Aviary fabric from a Moda Scrapbag! Bottom left is Fig and Plum from a Moda charm pack and the right cushion is Mary Englebreit’s Friends and Flowers jelly roll!!

Up to 6 pincushions from 1 charm pack!
Bunches from a jelly roll or scrap bag.

20 comments on “Sugar Cube Pincushion

  1. KittsKrafts says:

    They look really cool!=^..^=

  2. Angela says:

    Love these little pincushions!!! gotta make me some! Great Job Vickie!

  3. ferne says:

    Sew Sweet!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. SUPER cute vickie!!!😀

  5. Carla says:

    Vickie, those are adorable!!

  6. Jackie says:

    Vickie, Great little project! Thanks for sharing.

  7. PunkiePie says:

    Stop the madness! My TO DO list is getting out of control! Love these Vickie! Awesome!

  8. Small House says:

    I found your blog through Pixel trash a mania, and I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! I’m really liking your blog!!!Thanks for sharing your ideas.Have a good day.Sandra

  9. Laura says:

    So CUTE! Can’t you get (4) 2 1/2 inch squares from each Charm Square? Using a single Charm Pack would really yield so many sugar cubes, you would have a toothache from all the sweetness!

  10. Angela says:

    They make fun cloth blocks also, well minus the button. And I have to ask, did you set the picture up to say crap instead of scrap?

  11. jen duncan says:

    Super cute~ may have to try this!

  12. Hello!I love your blog…full of beautiful creations…thanks for the instructions…Will be back!FLor

  13. Sheri Howard says:

    I love that these cubes are so small. I think i will help my granddaughter make them!

  14. eamylove says:

    Cute project!!! I just had to say this – that one picture of the “CRAP BAG” really made me laugh – tee hee! Truthfully if Moda tried to carry such a product, it would be EMPTY!

  15. Vickie E says:

    Sorry about the picture saying “crap” I was just arranging the paper pieces…didn’t even notice that the ‘s’ was cut off…apparently many have noticed this…my apologies…

  16. I have just found this…FANTASTIC…I recently purchased my first jelly roll and am so excited ♥

  17. Oh….. this looks fun, and I love paper pieces.

  18. happy zombie says:

    So very clever, Vicki! Adorable!

  19. Alina Ali says:

    I usually put my pins in a drawer.. but I often misplaced them.. luckily we haven't had any kids yet.. I think I'm going to make one for my pins… thank you.. for the tutotials…

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