Betty’s Baby Bowtie Quilt

One charm pack of Hello Betty by Chloe’s Closet for Moda
1/2 yard Bella Solid Ivory (sku 9900-60) block background
3/4 yard Bella Solid Betty Pink (sku 9900-120) alternating blocks
1/3 yard Bella Solid Betty Green (sku 9900-121) binding
1 yard backing, batting 36 x 44

Select 32 charm squares from your Hello Betty Charm Pack. From each square cut (2) 2 1/2 inch squares and (2) 1 1/2 inch squares

Cut (64) 2 1/2 inch ivory squares
Cut (31) 4 1/2 inch pink setting squares

For each bowtie block you will need (2) 2 1/2 inch and (2) 1 1/2 inch bowtie squares and (2) 2 1/2 inch ivory squares
Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each of the 1 1/2 inch squares

Place a small square on each of the 2 1/2 inch background squares and sew on the line. These are your knot units.

Sew your block together as shown :

Press center seam open if desired, for a flat center

Make 31 more blocks! They’re super fast. Set in 9 rows of 7 blocks alternating bows and pink setting blocks, using completed quilt as a guide. Layer and quilt as desired. This old fashioned quilt is perfect for grid quilting (on sample) or meandering! Bind with Betty Green Solid and enjoy!

Press towards the knot and cut away the back of the knot fabric in the middle, leaving the background piece.

One very cute old fashioned looking bowtie quilt 28 x 36 inches.

Betty’s Baby Bowtie Quilt by PamKittyMorning

Share your MBS projects…

One thing we all love to do is sew, share and eat. Just in case you need a break from sewing, it is now time to eat. So we have asked our resident cooker/baker, Pat Roberts to give us one of her “projects” for the Moda Bake Shop. Then prop your feet up and share some of your projects with us over at our new Flickr group.

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Irish Soda Bread

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/3 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 egg, lightly beaten
2 cups buttermilk
1/2 cup raisins
1/4 cup butter, melted

Moda Fabric Table Runner or Tablecloth

Fabric shown in picture is Stock# 35102-11 from Nature’s Chorus by April Cornell

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Grease a 9×5 inch loaf pan.
2. Combine flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and baking soda. Blend egg and buttermilk together, and add all at once to the flour mixture. Mix just until moistened. Stir in raisins. Stir in butter. Pour into prepared pan.
3. Bake for 65 to 70 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the bread comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack. Wrap in foil for several hours, or overnight, for best flavor.

Recipe provided by Patricia Roberts, employee of United Notions/Moda Fabrics

Braided Rag Rug

please click here for kits available to make this rag rug

1 honey bun of your choice (featured is “sweet” by urban chiks) and

4 yards of white fabric

cut your 4 yards of white fabric to 1 1/2 inch widths (yup ALL of it)

once it’s all cut up get three strips of fabric and sew them stacked on top of each other (i wanted the middle of my rug to be all white)

safety pin your three sewn strips anywhere you can be comfy (you are going to be there for a while! i did mine attached to my runner on my dining room table) this is the start of your braid.
start braiding your white fabric
****you need to make sure your braiding is SUPER LOOSE. do not make your braids tight at all. if they are tight they will make your rag rug curl up when you try to sew it together.******
once you get close to the end of your braid you are going to fold over the end of your strip and snip with your scissors a slit.

like so, and then you will do the same to the next strip that will be the following strip to lengthen your braid (do this to each of the three strips)

you will take the next strip and place it on top of the braided strip

grab the end of your new strip (the end without the slit) and pull through both slits (from behind)

this will adjoin your strips and you will be able to continue your braid
this is what it should look like, now keep braiding.

once you get close to the end of your braid you are going to do the same as you did before and make a slit at the ends of your braided strips and at the beginning of your next strips this time wanted to add color so i took one strip of the honey bun and two of the white strips i cut out.

it should now look like this. this will be what you do through out the whole process of braiding your rug. one color in the middle and two whites on the outside.

as you continue to braid your braid will get too long so unhook your safety pin and re-pin it closer to your end.

this is how it should look as you continue to braid. make sure your fabric “folds” with the right side out and continue to braid it loosely

once you have completely braided ALL your strips together. you are going to sew you braid “shut” this tail will be tucked at the very end and you wont see it.
now that you have a whole mess of a braid going on…we are off to hand sew it together.
get some sturdy thread (i recommend one you use for upholstery) and a needle and you are going to start off by coiling your start of the long braid (the whites)
start by hand stitching your coil center like so. (start in the very center of your coil first and work your way out)
make sure once you get your center started and going…place your coil on a flat surface. this will ensure that your rug lays flat with each coil.
also make sure you do not overlay the braids at all. they need to be laying flat and to be sewn side by side to each other.
you are going to continue to hand stitch your braids together, do this for the whole rug. what you are sewing is your back, when you are done, the stitches should be fairly hidden from the top. (the other side)

when you get to your end, make sure you tuck and stitch the end of your braid so that the tail is on the bottom of your rug and hidden when you turn it over. (snip the extra part of your tail if you like)
****to make your rug a little sturdier, i recommend adding a felt backing to your rug.
first start off with placing your rug on top of your large piece of felt, (you can buy it at walmart for pretty cheap off the bolt you will need aprox 1 1/2 yards (just in case so you can piece a little if needed)) and cutting out the same size as your finished rug.
next hand sew around your rug on top of the felt.
and then at random places adhere your rug in the middle (and all over) by doing big stitches through your coils.
look what you made! isn’t it pretty? and it will look so great ANYWHERE! (make some smaller circles to make bar stool seat covers!)

1 rag rug with width of 32 inches
if you’d like to purchase a kit to make this rag rug please visit this site
to clean your rag rug properly we advise you to wash your rug and lay flat to air dry
instructions by vanessa from V and Co.

Simple Pincushion #2

Honey bun Soiree`
6 inch square backing fabric
Upholstery Thread
Sewing Thread
Polyfil or Walnut shells
5.5 inch OmniGrid ruler


Choose 5 fabric strips and cut cross-wise 1.5 X 6.5 inches
I use my rotary cutting mat for accuracy.
Sew your strips together in a please arrangement using the picture as your guide. Next take your backing fabric and lay the 5.5 inch square ruler on it as shown…this is the guide I used to mark my corners.
Draw a pencil line on the wrong side of the fabric.

Layer the pieces right sides together and pin.Sew a 1/4 inch seam allowance around sides and pencil corners. I use a 1/4 inch foot and line up my pressure foot with the pencil line. Make sure you leave a 1.5 inch opening for turning. I back stitch with my machine at the beginning and end for strength.

Here is the piece after it sewn and the corners trimmed.

Turn right side out.

Stuff with polyfil or lizard litter.

Whip stitch opening closed with silk thread. Using upholstery thread, I usually knot where a button or yo-yo will be.

And pinching the fabric together…I take several ‘bites’ through the center of the cushion. I knot again once I have a pleasing arrangement.

Sew on a button or yo-yo and you’re done.

A lovely simple pincushion….

Stacked Coins Baby Quilt

2 charm packs-Soiree by Lila Tueller
1 1/2 yards white fabric for sashing/borders
1/2 yard fabric for binding
1 1/2 yards of fabric for backing
batting that measures 44″ x 55″
quilting thread

please note: 1/4″ seams are used throughout this project.

Cut each charm in half. This will yield 144 “coins”. Each will measure 2.5″ x 5″. (You will use all but 12 coins for this quilt.)

Sew coins together. I found it very helpful to match the pinked edges with pinked edges and straight edges with straight edges when piecing.

Make 5 strips of coins. Each strip is made with 22 rectangles.
Cut 6 pieces of white fabric 3.5″ wide x 44 1/2″ long for the sashing.
If your seam allowances aren’t completely accurate, you may want to measure the length of your patchwork strips and cut the sashing to match.

Sew sashing to the coin strips. Press all seams toward the white.Cut 2 pieces 3.5″ x 41″ for the top and bottom of the quilt. Sew together and press well.

Your quilt top is done!
For the back…
I love adding a patchwork detail to the back of my quilts. It takes a bit more time, but it’s a nice way to tie in the design from the front to the back.
Join 22 coins together and press.
From the backing fabric, cut one piece 36″ x width of fabric. And one piece 15″ x width of fabric.Layout as shown and sew together. Press.And the back is done, too.
To finish your quilt, baste, quilt and bind as desired.
On this quilt, I did an all over stipple in white thread.

I just love the one strip of patchwork on the backing. Wash and dry your quilt for that soft crinkly goodness.

The finished quilt measures approximately 41″ x 50″.

This is a fun + quick project. I made it from start to finish in about 2 days. It’s perfect for a last minute baby gift.

Sugar Cookies Table Runner

Featured Fabric Collection – Patisserie by Joanna Figueroa, Fig Tree Quilts for Moda

One Moda Charm Pack — forty 5″ charm squares

3/4 yard background and binding
1/4 yard inner border
3/4 yard outer border
Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates Set G – Small Hexagons Plus.

Using the large hexagon template #42 included in the Marti Michell template set and the 5″ charm squares, cut out a total of 39 hexagons.
Cut four strips 2 1/4″ by 42″ from the background fabric. Using the large triangle template #45 from the Marti Michell template set, cut a total of 76 triangles. Sew the hexagons and the triangles together as shown below. Make four of Block A, two of Block B and thirty-three of Block C. Sew the blocks into rows as illustrated below.Sew the five hexagon rows together to create the center of the Sugar Cookies table runner.From the inner border fabric cut two strips 1 1/2″ by 28″, two strips 1 1/2″ by 13″ and two strips 1 1/2″ by 14″.

Sew one of the 1 1/2″ by 28″ strips to each side of the table runner center. Following the shape of the table runner center, trim the inner border.Sew one 1 1/2″ by 13″ inner border strip to one end of the table runner center and trim, following the table runner shape. Repeat this step with the opposite end of the table runner.Sew one 1 1/2″ by 14″ inner border strip to one end of the table runner center and trim following the table runner shape. Repeat this step with the opposite end of the table runner. From the outer border fabric cut two strips 4″ by 31″, two strips 4″ by 19″ and two strips 4″ by 22″. Follow the steps above to sew on and trim the outer border.
Finishes 26″ by 46″
Quilt and bind!
Sugar Cookies designed by Margot, The Pattern Basket