Candy Wrappers

Candy Wrapper 1:

Charm Pack Squares… 1 square for each candy bar. Featured here is Love is in the Air by Deb Strain.
Candy Bars… however many you crave.
(I like to use Hershey’s Dark Chocolate and Hershey’s Chocolate w/Almonds Bars.)
Double sided sticky tape
Coordinating Ribbon
Candy Wrapper 2:

Layer Cake squares… 1 square for each favor. Featured here is Love is in the Air by Deb Strain.
Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares… 3 chocolates for each favor
OR any other kind of candy/chocolate you wish to use.
Coordinating Ribbon

Gift Tags – you can print up some cute little gift tags and punch a hole in them to tie with the ribbon.

Gather all your ingredients.


Step One:
Place a Charm Square wrong side up and lay a candy bar across the center.
Place a piece of double sided sticky tape about the size of the charm square on the back side of the candy bar.

Step Two:
Fold one side of the fabric up so it sticks to the tape.

Step Three:
Place a second piece of double sided sticky tape so that it overlaps the candy bar wrapper and the fabric.

Step Four:
Fold the other side of the fabric up so that it sticks to the tape.

Step Five:
Cut approx. 15″ of ribbon and tie around the candy bar.


Step One:
Place 3 Ghirardelli chocolate squares stacked up in the center of a Layer Cake Square.
OR whatever kind of candy you wish to use.

Step Two:
Match the four points of the fabric to the center with one hand. With the other hand gather all the fabric together just above the candy to tie it off.

Step Three:
Cut a piece of ribbon approx. 15″ long and tie around the fabric wrapper creating a cute little favor.

You can make as many of these candy favors you crave… as long as you don’t eat all the chocolate first.
Great TIP about charm packs and layer cakes… all the edges are pinked so you do have to do anything to them.
Great for any holidays – birthdays, christmas, weddings, easter, etc.

5 comments on “Candy Wrappers

  1. Camille says:

    Cute, angela! Chocolate? Fabric? Perfect. 😉

  2. happy zombie says:

    What perfect little hostess gifts this would make. I could see a plate of these darling covered treats at my house. Of course… there would soon be an empty plate!

  3. Our Big Family Christmas party was canceled due to the snow. We are having it on Valentines night instead. I will be making these for little gifties! Way fun. Thanks!

  4. Christine says:

    Very cute especially for those who love fabric as much as candy. I would have to tell my husband to take so then give them to me!!

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